american bully

American Bully: A Gentle And Loving Giant

The American Bully does not live up to its name. These intimidating looking dogs are actually a sweetheart. Underneath their rough and tough appearance lies a sweet and gentle soul that just wants to be your friend. This is one of the best family dogs around and thrives in a [Keep reading …]

Dapple Dachshund Size, Color, Price And More… Cover

Dapple Dachshund: Size, Color, Price And More…

Every Dapple Dachshund you encounter is a masterpiece. Each one is unique and beautiful in their own special way. Some have solid colored faces whereas others have dotted faces and speckled bellies. Despite their beautiful appearance these pups are courageous protectors and will fearlessly watch over their families. They are [Keep reading …]

Cane Corso Fearless Protectors With Golden Hearts Cover

Cane Corso: Fearless Protectors With Golden Hearts

Meet Italy’s most prized possession and the guardian of the Roman Empire. The Cane Corso gained an honorable reputation quickly in Italy because of their intimidating appearance and unwavering bravery. These giants will happily jump into battle or snuggle up with you on the couch (they are incredibly versatile). Despite [Keep reading …]