Frenchton Is This Mischievous Dog Right For You Cover

Frenchton: Is This Mischievous Dog Right For You?

Are you looking for a French Bulldog with a little oomph? Then look no further than the Frenchton, a cross between the loving French Bulldog and the playful Boston Terrier, this mischievous dog will have you in stitches. This dog is suited to people from all walks of life, from [Keep reading …]

Victorian Bulldog Is This The Best Bulldog? Cover

Victorian Bulldog: Is This The Best Bulldog?

Although a Victorian Bulldog is known to be slobbery, don’t let a little bit of drooling put you off! These loveable lumps are kind, gentle and will be the heart and soul of your house. A continual ray of sunshine in your life, these low maintenance dogs will bring light [Keep reading …]

Chug Dog Breed Information Complete Owner's Guide Cover

Chug Dog Breed Information & Complete Owner’s Guide

The Chug dog is a mixed designer dog breed of two of the most popular small dog breeds; the Chihuahua and Pug. They are loving dogs and will quickly become a member of the family through forming strong bonds with their family and become very attached. With a cute little [Keep reading …]

Black German Shepherd The Definitive Owner's Guide Cover

Black German Shepherd: The Definitive Owner’s Guide

The Black German Shepherd is a gorgeous color variation on the standard German Shepherd Dog which is recognized by the American Kennel Club as a purebred dog. This color variation occurs completely naturally and therefore fits within the breed standard. If you are looking for an unusual, active dog, and [Keep reading …]