Havapoo Care Guide Meet The Havanese Poodle Mix Cover

Havapoo Care Guide: Meet The Havanese Poodle Mix

The Havapoo is a cross breed between a Havanese and a Poodle (Standard or Miniature). This furry friend is the perfect addition to any home, apartment or large house with a yard. Friendly and outgoing, they love to be center of attention and will always be by your side, hoping [Keep reading …]

Bernese Mountain Dog Care Guide The Ultimate Forever Puppy Cover

Bernese Mountain Dog Care Guide: The Ultimate Forever Puppy?

The Bernese Mountain Dog has a certain look about them – they are strikingly beautiful and have sweet eyes. Commonly nicknamed Berners these gorgeous dogs are quickly becoming very popular family pets. This is a large breed with a gentle nature, and breed is the perfect option for you if [Keep reading …]