pitbull lab mix Cover

Pitbull Lab Mix: Is The Fierce Loyal Labrabull Right For You?

The Pitbull Lab mix, also known as a Labrabull or Pitador, is an intelligent, loyal and affectionate companion. Although they may sometimes be protective of their family, it always comes from a place of love. This interesting mix brings together two extremely popular dog breeds in unpredictable ways. These dogs [Keep reading …]

Mountain Cur Is This The Perfect Hunting Dog Cover

Mountain Cur: Is This The Perfect Hunting Dog?

Mountain Curs are hardy and strong, bred by settlers to survive the harsh environment of the Southern Mountains. They are hound dogs with a strong prey drive and a heart of gold. Not suited for urban areas and small houses, they will want to run around and chase squirrels all [Keep reading …]

German Spitz What To Know About This Playful, Bossy Dog! Cover

German Spitz: What To Know About This Playful, Bossy Dog!

The German Spitz is still a fairly rare breed in the USA. You could easily mistake them for their close relative, the Pomeranian, a much more common breed. These pups come in two sizes Klein (small) and Mittel (medium). Playful, bossy and independent, this dog might be a handful for new [Keep reading …]

Pitsky 7 Things To Know Before Getting One Cover

Pitsky: 7 Things To Know Before Getting One

The Pitsky is a cross breed of an American Pitbull Terrier and a Siberian Husky. These two breeds are very friendly and loyal, giving your pup a perfect affectionate mix. Both parent breeds are very energetic, so it’s a given that their offspring will need a lot of activity to keep [Keep reading …]

Black Pug The Complete Care Guide Cover

Black Pug: The Complete Care Guide

Pugs have been our companions for centuries. We just can’t get enough of their adorable wrinkly faces and charming personalities. They are small dogs with big personalities. They always want to be the center of attention but will become lonely very easily. This very popular breed is great with any type [Keep reading …]