Black Lab The Best Labrador Retriever? Cover

Black Lab: The Best Labrador Retriever?

Labrador Retrievers are undoubtedly one of the world’s favorite breeds. However the different colors of Labs have been in a constant competition over which variation is the best. The gorgeous Chocolate Lab, the endearing Yellow Lab and the glossy Black Lab have fought for the number one spot for years. [Keep reading …]

Shiba Inu The Small And Mighty Fox Like Dog Cover

Shiba Inu: The Small And Mighty Fox Like Dog

Have you been worried because you keep spotting a fox in your neighbor’s backyard? Look again. That is probably an adorable Shiba Inu! Unlike foxes that scatter at the sign of any danger, Shiba Inus are bold and courageous dogs that are always ready to face a challenge. Their stubborn [Keep reading …]

French Bulldog Cost Guide Budgeting For A Bulldog Cover

French Bulldog Cost Guide: Budgeting For A Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a fancy and funny friend to have around. Interestingly they are not french at all and were bred in England using English Bulldogs. Due to their size they gained a surge of popularity in Paris and other big cities and they represented wealth and high status. [Keep reading …]

Australian Shepherd Care Guide The Cowboy's Favorite Breed Cover

Australian Shepherd Care Guide: The Cowboy’s Favorite Breed

During the times of Western films and wild rodeos, the Australian Shepherd rose to fame as the prized possession of the American cowboy. These hardy pups have an undeniable talent for herding and a stare that could stop anyone dead in their tracks. They have been trusted for decades to [Keep reading …]