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Husky Lab Mix: Why Huskadors Are Better Than Labs

The Labrador cross Husky designer dog is a breed of many names: Husky Lab Mix, Huskador and even the Siberian Retriever. They are a delightful mix of their parent breeds. You can expect them to be high energy, loyal, intelligent, loving pups that would fit very well into an active [Keep reading …]

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Boxer Lab Mix: Everything You Need to Know About The Boxador

The Boxer Lab mix, affectionately known as the Boxador, is a cross between two of the most popular dog breeds. When you cross these two breeds you get a loveable dog who is intelligent and very energetic. Tapping into Boxer’s guarding tendency, the Boxador can be fiercely protective, instantly adopting [Keep reading …]

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Border Collie Lab Mix: Everything You Need to Know

What happens when you mix two of the most loved breeds in the US? You get a unique dog that will be devoted you. The Border Collie Lab Mix is an energetic, intelligent cross breed that is gaining popularity with families. With the intelligence of the Border Collie and the [Keep reading …]

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Belgian Malinois: What to Know Before Buying

Often confused for a German Shepherd, the Belgian Malinois is a loyal and intelligent dog breed. Initially bred as a herding dog from the Belgian sheepdog family, they are now more commonly used as guard or security dogs. Are you thinking about buying a Belgian Malinois or do you already [Keep reading …]