Dog Training

Dog Training: The Ultimate Guide

Considering dog ownership and wondering where to begin? Look no further! In this guide to dog training, we’ll tell you how to choose the right dog, establish a trusting relationship, and communicate effectively to make training a breeze. Before You Train: Choosing Your Dog Choosing the right dog for you [Keep reading …]


Coydog: Dog Breed Information and Owner’s Guide

What is a Coydog? The Coydog is a canine hybrid resulting from a male coyote mating with a female dog. Many species of dogs are capable of mating with wild coyotes. This leads to many variations of this unique cross-breed. To understand Coydogs, you will need to know a little [Keep reading …]

kerry blue terrier

Kerry Blue Terrier: Dog Breed Information and Owner’s Guide

What is a Kerry Blue Terrier? Kerry Blue Terriers (or Kerries) are named after their place of origin in Country Kerry, Ireland, and their striking, distinctive, blue-gray coats. There are many colorful folk legends about the origins of this unique breed, which is also known in Ireland as the Irish [Keep reading …]

finnish lapphund

Finnish Lapphund: Dog Breed Information and Owner’s Guide

What is a Finnish Lapphund? The Finnish Lapphund is a unique breed of herding dog that is named after the native, nomadic, “indigenous” Lap (aka Sami) people of Lapland. Lapland refers to a remote region north of the Arctic Circle which includes parts of Sweden, Finland, and Norway.  Sometimes referred [Keep reading …]


Tamaskan: Dog Breed Information and Owner’s Guide

What is a Tamaskan? Tamaska means “Mighty Wolf” in the North American Indian language. The Tamaskan Dog is a relatively new breed, produced to look very much like a wolf, but with no wolf DNA in the dog at all. The goal of all the people who contributed to the [Keep reading …]