Are pocket beagles good pets?

Yes, pocket beagles are good companions. They’re quick learners, make great family dogs, and have friendly personalities.

Pocket might be a good pet for you for these reasons:

  • They enjoy being around people and other animals. They are great family dogs, and they get along well with anyone.
  • They’re low maintenance. You need to bathe your pocket beagle every few weeks and comb its coat once a week, but they don’t need long grooming routines.
  • They love to play. Pocket beagles enjoy games and challenges from their owners. Because of their great noses, they can be taught to play hide and seek, and they can even do treasure hunts for toys or treats.
  • They are intelligent. They learn quickly, and they want to please their owners.

With that said, pocket beagles aren’t lap dogs, and their hound dog instincts can make them hard to train.

Pocket beagles might not be a good pet for some households because of these reasons:

  • They bark a lot. Pocket beagles are very vocal, and they want to tell their owners when they notice something interesting or unusual, like strangers, other animals, or sudden noises.
  • They need to be mentally engaged throughout the day, otherwise they can behave destructively. Because they’re so smart, pocket beagles learn how to get your attention when they’re bored, even in ways you don’t like.
  • They shed a lot in the spring and fall. Although they don’t need much grooming, they do go through two periods of heavy shedding. In the spring, they shed their winter coats, and in the fall, they shed their summer coats. This means there will be a lot of dog hair in your home, even if you brush them often.
  • They have hound dog instincts. Because their ancestors were bred to help with hunting, pocket beagles still have some search-and-hunt instincts today. They always need to have a leash outside, or they might run after birds, squirrels, and other wild animals.

Pocket beagles are good pets for many people but you should consider whether they are right for you.