Are toy poodles high maintenance?

Yes, toy poodles are high maintenance. They require regular grooming, plenty of exercise, and frequent mental stimulation to stay healthy and happy. Without these, toy poodles can get sick or begin behaving badly.

Although it can be time-consuming to meet their needs, toy poodles are easy to care for. Proper maintenance for a toy poodle includes the following:

  • Regular grooming – toy poodles should have their coat and skin bathed every two to three weeks.
  • Frequent exercise – toy poodles need about an hour of exercise each day, ideally split into two 30-minute or three 20-minute sessions throughout the day.
  • Playtime and mental stimulation – interactive toys, obedience training, and simple tasks can all be great ways to make sure your toy poodle doesn’t get bored or anxious.