Do pocket beagles bark a lot?

Yes, pocket beagles bark a lot. Pocket beagles are very vocal, and they bark when they want to alert their owners. However, pocket beagles can be trained not to bark.

Pocket beagles come from a long line of hound dogs, so barking is their first instinct when they find or see something interesting. They want to alert their owners. Pocket beagles don’t typically bark when their owners aren’t home.

With that said, pocket beagles are very smart dogs, and can be trained not to bark. If your pocket beagle barks a lot, try some of the following methods:

  • Ignore the barking – After some time, your pocket beagle will learn that barking is not a good way to communicate with you.
  • Teach commands to bark and to stop barking – Be sure to teach these commands together, or smart pocket beagles might bark just to be rewarded when they follow the command to be quiet!
  • Distract your dog – Pocket beagles might start barking at interesting things because they want to get your attention. If you keep your pet’s mind busy with toys, exercise, or training, your pocket beagle will not be interested in what’s happening somewhere else.