Do toy poodles bark a lot?

Yes, toy poodles bark a lot. Without proper training, toy poodles bark more often than other dogs. However, toy poodles are intelligent and easily trained, and they won’t bark a lot if they are well-trained.

Toy poodles are actually rated as “moderate” barkers compared to other dogs, but their temperament makes them more likely to bark often if they’re left untrained.

Poodles are alert watchdogs, and they bark to tell their owner about changes in their environment, such as passing strangers or exciting animals in the yard.

To prevent your poodle from barking often, they simply need to be trained. Try the following methods:

  • Ignore barking and reward your toy poodle with treats and playtime for staying quiet.
  • Socialize your toy dog so that it learns to be calm around new people and other animals.
  • Give your dog lots of chances to exercise and play with you. Most pet stores sell toys that can offer your dog mental stimulation, too.

These and other methods are often effective in teaching your toy poodle not to bark.