How long can a mini Aussie be left alone?

A mini Aussie can be left alone for four to six hours.

As a high-energy dog breed, mini Aussies need regular mental stimulation to stop them from becoming destructive or anxious. For puppies, we suggest that you crate train your mini Aussie if you are planning to leave for more than four hours to prevent the dog from harming itself or your home.

Mini Aussies can hold their bladders for long periods of time with proper training. Typically, dogs can hold their bladders for one hour for every month that they have lived, up to eight hours. However, owners should take their dogs for regular bathroom breaks to prevent kidney and bladder problems.

Some mini Aussies may be able to stay alone for longer periods of time with training and proper mental stimulation. To provide mental stimulation, you can consider giving your mini Aussie chew toys, snuffle mats, or hidden-treat toys. Proper mental stimulation can prevent destructive behavior and keep your dog happier for longer.

A regular exercise routine can also help to lower mini Aussie energy levels and prevent anxiety.