How long do French bulldogs live?

French bulldogs live 10–12 years, on average.

To help ensure your French bulldog lives a long, happy, and healthy life:

  • Ensure it has enough companionship and isn’t left alone for extended periods of time.
  • Don’t let it chew and swallow potentially dangerous objects that it finds around the home (especially kids toys).
  • Don’t let it play alone near water, as French bulldogs can easily drown – even in shallow water.
  • Take care in the heat – French bulldogs can experience breathing problems in hot weather which could actually be fatal. Limit walks and outdoor playtimes when the temperature soars.
  • Keep them warm in the winter. French bulldogs aren’t well adapted to freezing conditions, so wrap your dog up tightly and perhaps let it snuggle under your jacket so it’s protected from the cold.
  • Watch those snacks! French bulldogs love to eat and love getting treats, but they are prone to obesity, so keep snacking to a minimum.