How much does a pocket beagle cost?

A pocket beagle typically costs $800–$2300. The cost of a pocket beagle depends on the age of the dog, as well as the rarity of its coat color.

Puppies are more expensive than adults. Adoption shelters rarely have pocket beagles up for adoption, but beagle rescues sometimes put adult pocket beagles up for adoption. If you adopt an adult pocket beagle, you can expect to pay $150–$400.

If you buy from a breeder, pocket beagle puppies with common coat colors cost $800–$2000, but pocket beagle puppies with rare coats, like copper coloring or curly hair, might cost $1900–$3000.

Remember that the cost of a pocket beagle isn’t just the purchase price. To get all of your pocket beagle’s vaccinations, along with food, toys, and bedding, you should expect to pay $700–$1200.

The total cost to purchase a pocket beagle along with care supplies might be $1500–$4000.