How much does a toy poodle cost?

Toy poodles usually cost $1,200–$3,000. The price of a toy poodle depends on whether you’re adopting or purchasing, as well as the age of the dog. Generally, toy poodles purchased from breeders will cost more than dogs from adoption centers.

The cost of adoption varies by location, but adopting a toy poodle costs $150–$600. Young toy poodles and AKC-registered dogs will cost $400–$600. Adopting an older toy poodle might cost $150–$400.

Toy poodle puppies purchased from a breeder usually cost $1,200–2,000. Puppies with unusual coat colors, like red or sable, might cost $2,000–$2,500. Puppies from show bloodlines will cost $2,500–$3,000.

Keep in mind that a toy poodle costs more than just the purchase price. You can expect to pay $800–$2,000 in the first couple of months. This money will go toward vet visits and initial vaccinations, along with food, toys, bedding, and home grooming supplies.

In total, you should expect a cost of $2,000–$5,000 to purchase your toy poodle along with everything they’ll need to start a happy life in your home.