How Much Does A Belgian Malinois Cost? The Ultimate Price Guide

The Belgian Malinois is a sturdy and hardworking herding dog from Malines.

They are best know for being used in police forces and military K-9 units around the world.

As with any pet adopting a Belgian Malinois should be considered wisely. This is an expensive breed that has tremendous amounts of energy.

However Mals’ protective nature makes them wonderful guard dogs and if you put in the time, this breed is worth all the planning and care you give them.

If you are wondering just how much it costs to buy and raise a Belgian Malinois then read our complete buyer’s guide below…

How Much Does A Belgian Malinois Cost?

Belgian Malinois Puppy

Belgian Malinois Puppy Price

A healthy Belgian Malinois puppy can cost up to $2,500.

You should expect that for this price the breeder will cover vaccinations, microchips and health checks.

Also this is an expensive puppy most breeders will ask for a deposit of around $500.

Show quality puppies will be even more expensive and cost up to $3,000 because of their lineage (more on this later). While the term show quality brings up a mystifying image, it simply means these puppies fit their breed’s standard, come from show winning lineage and are more likely to win in shows.

If you are simply looking for a pet then focus on investing in a reputable breeder rather than buying a show quality pup.

Belgian Malinois Dog Price

If you can’t find a puppy or would rather adopt an older dog then there are many Belgian Malinois shelters who have dogs waiting for their forever homes.

Whilst each rescue center will charge a different fee depending on the dog’s age, expect to pay around $350 for an adult Belgian Malinois.

This is a better option for those who do not have the time for energetic, untrained puppies, or those who simply want to rescue a dog in need of a home.

Adopting an adult dog has many advantages and the biggest one is you immediately know the dog’s fully developed personality. In addition some rescue dogs already have pre-established doggie manners and are housetrained.

Of course there are also some drawbacks to adopting. The biggest drawback is not knowing the dog’s full history so some dogs can come with trauma that will need treating.

Belgian Malinois Close Up

Belgian Malinois Service Dog Price

Whilst the Belgian Malinois was originally bred for herding, their natural protective instincts also makes them great guard dogs and service dogs.

These pups have tremendous amounts of energy and are trainable and dependable.

You can find certain breeders that sell fully trained protection dogs.

Prices often start around $30,000 for these types of dogs but can increase depending on the work put into training them.

Factors That Impact The Cost Of A Belgian Malinois

There are many factors that can impact the price of a Belgian Malinois.

Everything from their age to certification can change the price a breeder will ask for.

Here are some of the most important cost factors to consider when buying a Belgian Malinois puppy.

Coat Color

According to official breed standards the Belgian Malinois should have a coat that is a fawn to mahogany color. They should also have their signature black ears and mask.

Most show quality puppies will follow this standard perfectly. However many pet quality pups may not. As a result pet quality pups should be cheaper.

However it is important to understand that their coat color in no way indicates that one puppy is healthier than the other. It only indicates that the better coat will be better ranked in a show.

Belgian Malinois Working


Just like other dog breeds, a female Belgian Malinois will typically be more expensive because of their breeding potential.

In practice though this should only result in price changes of a few hundred dollars. However it is important to know that fully grown males will be heavier and as a result will eat more than a female — this can increase the amount money you spend on buying food.

Both males and females make wonderful companions.

Lineage and Bloodlines

Puppies that come from award winning bloodlines will be more expensive than pet quality puppies who do not have award-winning lineage.

Remember though both types of pups can both grow up to be healthy dogs and wonderful companions.

If you are searching for an active companion then focus on getting in contact with a reputable breeder.

Show quality or not, what really matters is if the breeder follows proper welfare and breeding standards.


The distance between you and your breeder can increase the Belgian Malinois’ cost.

While some breeders ask you to pick up your puppy in person, some hire trained drivers to deliver your pup to you. The rate of this service depends on how far the driver has to drive and the breeder’s own rates.

In addition your breeder can also ship your dog by air. This service has its own additional fees and typically costing at least $1,000 (depending on distance and the pup’s size).

Just remember that local puppies are going to be cheaper than those puppies in another state.

Breeder Practices

Belgian Malinois Puppies

The Belgian Malinois is an AKC registered breed which means breeders are held to AKC standards. As a result this means AKC registered breeders are required to meet certain care requires with their puppy – this increases the price of a puppy.

Non registered breeders are able to charge less than AKC-registered breeders as they can skip certain care requirements.

Be wary and do your research.

No reputable breeder has an endless supply of cheap puppies. Always be cautious and stick to breeders with great testimonials and credibility.

Certification and Warranties

Certification is probably the single biggest impact on the price of your pup.

Those pups that come with certification to prove their pedigree and award-winning bloodlines will command price premiums. However the exact same pup without certification can be 50% cheaper.

As previously mentioned, show quality puppies should always have certification behind them.

Remember though pet quality dogs are just as healthy providing they come from a reputable breeder.

Long Term Ownership Costs

A Belgian Malinois

Now that the hard part of finding a Belgian Malinois is over, do not forget the money it takes to raise one. Any dog is a lifelong commitment so here are the main costs to consider as you raise your puppy into their golden years.


These dogs are known for their intelligence and high trainability, so if you are an experienced dog owner you probably do not need obedience classes.

However if you do do choose to take them to obedience classes then prices can range from $30-$80 per group class.

If you want to give your Mal a job and take their training one step further you can also consider search and rescue training.

Just like their similar looking German counterpart, Belgian Malinois are excellent at sniffing and this makes them perfect for the job. A full instruction of search and rescue training costs around $15,000-$20,000.


Fortunately this is an area where the Mal is very affordable!

They are not a dog that needs a full spa day.

This breed sheds twice a year and should be groomed regularly, but this is not a grooming session worth breaking the bank for.

You can stick to buying a bristle brush or a hound glove alongside other essentials, such as a pair of nail clippers. Prices can vary but tend to start as low as $10 for a cheap brush.

Health Care and Veterinary Bills

Belgian Malinois Out In The Fields

Overall this is a generally healthy dogs that typically lives for 14-16 years on average.

However they are susceptible to hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and bloat.

  • The surgery to fix hip dysplasia can cost up to $3,000 depending on the quality and experience of your vet – this does not include any additional vet visits and consultations.
  • Meanwhile the surgery to fix elbow dysplasia can cost up to $4,000 per elbow.
  • The cost of treating bloat is a hefty $7,500 and is sadly not a guaranteed successful treatment if the case is severe.

All these treatments are financially and emotionally taxing, so prevention is key. Investing in a good vet and following their advice, as well as purchasing your puppy from a reputable breeder, can reduce the risk of your dog experiencing these hardships.

If these things ever do happen it helps to invest in good pet insurance to reduce the cost of these treatments.


The cost of your insurance will really depend on the premium which you choose. The average monthly premium for pet insurance can be as low as $10 or as high as $100.

It will vary on the excess and the list of inclusions. You need to make sure you do your research and see which package is right for you.

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Food and Treats

Just like other dogs, your Belgian Malinois will thrive on a high quality food.

An average bag of 30 pound feed can cost around $50 and contains around 120 cups. If your Belgian Malinois eats up to 2 cups a day, that bag should last you for 60 days.

While there are pros and cons to feeding your dog a grain-free diet, be sure to read the ingredients of any dog food carefully. Always check to see if a certain food you are buying has been linked to any outbreaks or health issues and ask your vet to see which diet is right for your dog.

If you are uncertain then ask your vet for help.


In this category the exact amount of money you spend is up to you – so choose wisely!

It includes things such as beds, toys, leads, gps collars and much more.

Certain toys are essential for a day of fun with your dog, but you should focus on buying things you know your dog needs, not what you want!

This way you can still have some cash left for other necessary expenses for either yourself or your Mal.

How to Find A Reputable Belgian Malinois Breeder

Most AKC registered breeds have a dedicated breed website.

A great way to start looking for your reputable Belgian Malinois breeder is to check the club’s breeder directory. Often a breeder who is a club member has had extensive experience with the breed itself and may be held to higher standards due to their reputation as a club member.

Whilst searching the internet it can be difficult to filter out the shady breeders and puppy mills.

If you are ever interested in a breeder find a way to contact them via their website or phone. It always helps to have a series of questions in mind to make sure they are trustworthy.

When asking your breeder any questions, listen and watch them carefully.

Are they hesitant or unsure when giving information? Do they look like they are not telling you the whole story? Are they impatient and simply want you to purchase the puppy?

A breeder should be willing to answer any question you have without pressuring you to do anything on your part.

In addition while you are the one who is ultimately making the decision to buy, the breeder should be willing to ask you questions to screen you as a potential pet parent. Reputable breeders care about their pups’ health and care about where they are going.

All in all it is up to the buyer to be responsible and choose a reputable breeder themselves.


All in all this is an amazing and dependable dog.

Whilst the Belgian Malinois can be a challenging breed for the average person, they are perfect for active individuals who have the time and energy to keep this breed happy.

You are sure to have a furry friend who will stick by your side all the way to the finish line.

Before adopting one you need to consider both the cost to buy a Mal and the cost to keeping one.

Are you ready for a 15 year commitment that may cost you time and energy? Do you think you can catch up with this dog?

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