Native American Dog Names (Complete List of 300+ Meaningful Names)

Native American names can be a great choice to consider when thinking of a name for your furry friend.

Often these names can have secret and mystical meanings, which makes for a unique choice of names.

Also, it’s a great way to connect with your ancestry if you have Native American roots, or are simply a history lover and a fan of a famous Native American figure (there are so many names to choose from).

We know that choosing a name for your pup can be ruff… so we have picked some of the most beautiful, bold, and noble Native American dog names for you. We hope we can help you find the pawfect name for your pup!

Native American Dog Names

Did you know that Native Americans used their canine companions to help them in day-to-day life?

Dogs were often used as hunters – they were more than just furry friends. Dogs have often been used to help us hunt throughout history, so why not think about naming your friend after a Native American word for a predator?

Here are some of our furr-avorite Native American names for your pooch:

  1. Makaya – Eagle hunter
  2. Akikta – Determined and never give up
  3. Dakota – This means ‘friendly’ and can be used for both a female or male dog
  4. Cherokee – One of the largest Native American tribes
  5. Achak – Spirit
  6. Taima – Thunder
  7. Cheveyo – Spirit warrior
  8. Miwok – A bear’s growl
  9. Cailan – A warrior of life
  10. Jolon – Valley of the dead oaks
  11. Kitchi – Meaning ‘brave’ or ‘strong’
  12. Lye – Smoke
  13. Mitexi – Sacred moon
  14. Tallulah – Leaping spring
  15. Yuma – A Chief’s Son
  16. Kohana – Swift
  17. Kele – Sparrow
  18. Ahawi – Deer
  19. Kwanita – Meaning ‘God is gracious’
  20. Enola – A loner
  21. Tocho – Mountain lion
  22. Pallaton – Warrior
  23. Bly – Tall
  24. Pezi – Grass
  25. Atim – Simply meaning ‘dog’
  26. Denali – Great One
  27. Pazi – Yellow bird
  28. Liseli – Light
  29. Maka – Earth
  30. Halyn – Unique
  31. Lonato – Flint stone
  32. Hinto – this refers to ‘deep blue eyes’
  33. Soma – Sun
  34. Tyee – Chief
  35. Calusa – A Native American tribe
  36. Eyota – Great
  37. Kai – Willow Tree
  38. Mansi – A plucked flower
  39. Akecheta – Fighter
  40. Ayita – Meaning the first person to dance
  41. Pati – Fish basket
  42. Tahki – Cold
  43. Peta – Golden Eagle
  44. Meli – Bitter
  45. Migina – Meaning ‘return of the moon’
  46. Abeytu – Green leaf
  47. Chlumani – Dew
  48. Doba – Meaning ‘no war’
  49. Miki – Little
  50. Kanti – Singer

Native American Female Dog Names

Native American dog names can make some sassy and furr-ocious choices for your female dog!

Did you know that Inuit Sled dogs, as well as the Greenland Dog and the Alaskan Malamute are said to be descendants from Native American dogs?

These breeds have the closest genetic links to their Native American doggy ancestors. If you have a grrr-ly Greenland dog, a female Native American dog name might be the perfect choice.

Native American Female Dog Names
Catori – the she spirit Adsila – Blossom
Nova – Means ‘chases butterflies’ Dy – A beautiful deer
Koko – Night Papina – Ivy
Winona – First born daughter Saloso – Cry of the wild goose
Una – one Nizhoni – Pretty
Yoki – Rain Sunki – To “catch up with”
Naira – Girl with large eyes Sayen – Loveable
Arizona – Little spring Onida – Child of importance
Wyanet – Beautiful Kasa – Dressed in furs
Lulu – Rabbit Iskwew – Women
Tadita – One who runs Shikoba – A feather
Mika – Intelligent raccoon Tama – Thunder
Pavita – Clear water Doli – bluebird
Nina – Strong Luyu – Wild dove
Wuti – Woman Macha – Aurora
Sitsi – Daughter Dena – Valley
Fala – Crow Sawni – Echo
Inola – Black fox Etenia – Rich
Henna – Red Goga – Summer
Winema – Chief Anna – Mother
Hinto – Blue Atsila – Fire
Waapi – White Chepi – Fairy
Nayeli – ‘I love you’ Rozene – Rose
Tayen – A new moon Sasa – Goose
Winnie – Fair one Bena – Pheasant

Native American Male Dog Names

Do you feel like you’re barking up the wrong tree when you’re looking at common names for your male dog?

Choosing a Native American dog name will stand out in a crowd and ensures that your male dog will have a name with a secret meaning.

Often, Native American names were inspired by nature – this would be pawfect for a pup who loves to play outside.

There are also Native American names that can make your pooch sound brave and strong – a paw-some idea if you’ve got your very own male Malamute! because these pups are the most boisterous of them all.

Native American Male Dog Names
Herrick – Leader of an army Lusio – Light
Bodaway – Fire maker Sinopa – Fox
Akando – Ambush Maska – Strong
Chaska – First born son Nayavu – Clay
Dyami – Eagle Pachu’a – Feathered water snake
Tooantuh – Spring frog Odakota – Friends
Ahote – Restless one Paytah – Fire
Gad – Juniper Tree Askook – Snake
Nikiti – round and smooth Skah – White
Aditsan – Listener Kilchii – Red boy
Delsin – ‘He is so’ Wahkhan – Sacred
Axe – Father of peace Yahto – Blue
Enyeto – Walks as a boar Ahunu – he laughs
Nakos – Sage Annawan – Chief
Ahmik – Beaver Chatan – Hawk
Alo – Spiritual guide Mongwau – Owl
Tokala – Fox Etu – Sun
Diwali – Bowls Helki – Touch
Mato – Bear Menewa – Great Warrior
Hakan – Fire Elsu – Flying falcon
Iye – Smoke Patwin – Man
Jolon – Valley of the dead oak Adahy – Lives in the woods
Aranck – Stars Pinon – Name of a myth
Ituha – Sturdy oak Bidziil – Strong man
Kono – name unknown Cha’tima – The caller

Native American Names For Wolf

Native American Dog

Did you know that Native American dogs were more closely related to wolves than our domesticated dogs of today?

Wolves and Native Americans share a special relationship. They have been regarded as a spiritual animal that conveys both beauty and power.

Some tribes felt wolves were mystical and modeled their own tribes upon wolf packs. They believed that every wolf would lend a helping paw to others in their pack, which Native Americans tried to incorporate into their communities.

Howl can you resist these names?

  1. Tala (Sioux)
  2. Hemene (Nez Perce)
  3. Kiyaya – Howling Wolf (Yakima)
  4. Honi (Aropho)
  5. Aho – Whitewolf
  6. Lelou (Chinook)
  7. Shunkaha (Lakota)
  8. Honiahaka – Little Wolf (Cheyenne)
  9. Okhmhaka – Little Wolf (Cheyenne)
  10. Maikoh (Navajo)
  11. Maiyun (Cheyenne)
  12. Maheegan (Algonquin)
  13. Waya (Cherokee)
  14. Beya ish (Shoshone)
  15. Tivaci (Chemehuevi)
  16. Teekon (Athabascan)
  17. Mahigan (Cree)
  18. Kyiyu (Seneka)
  19. Kooy (Kiowa)
  20. Lokwa (Nootka)
  21. Sinapu (Ute)
  22. Mingan – Dark wolf
  23. Omitaa – Dog (Blackfoot)
  24. Amarok/Amarog – Mythological wolf (Inuit)

Native American Dog Names and Meanings

Alaskan Malamute

  1. Iracema: This literally means ‘honey-lips’ so is perfect for a sweet and sensitive pup!
  2. Hiawatha: Meaning ‘he who combs’.
  3. Ixchel: This means ‘rainbow lady’ – great for a dog with a bright personality.
  4. Tlalli: Means earth.
  5. Wapasha: This means ‘red leaf’ and was the name of many Native American chiefs.
  6. Hialeah: Meaning a pretty prairie.
  7. Yunuen: Half moon. This would make a beautiful name for a husky!
  8. Miwak: This means ‘growl of a bear’ – great for a furr-ocious dog.
  9. Chumani: Dew drop.
  10. Holata: This means ‘alligator’. This would be great for a dog with a brilliant set of pearly whites!

Famous Native American Names

Another great way to pick a name is to look at famous individuals.

Here are some famous Native Americans, all with totally amazing names! Take a look through the list below.

  • Pocahontas – A native American woman who married an Englishman. Though a true story, it was glamourized by Disney’s film Pocahontas. A great name for any Disney fan!
  • Black Hawk – A brave and fierce war chief who fought to save his people’s land.
  • Geronimo – Leader of the Chiricahua Apache tribe – but his name also means ‘one who yawns’.
  • Gall – A Lakota leader who played a huge part in the Lakotas’ fight against the United States.
  • Pontiac – Another famous chief of the Ottawa.
  • Nanye-hi/Nancy Ward – Nanye-hi was given the title of Ghigua (war woman) after her part in the Battle of Taliwan.
  • Mourning Dove/Christine Quintasket – A famous female Native American writer.
  • Tecumseh – Shawnee leader, Tecumseh is most well-known for his part in retaking the land taken from Native Americans. His name also means, ‘panther in the sky’.
  • Hiawatha – Little is known of the real Hiawatha; however we know he was an advocate of peace. Henry Wadworth published a book, ‘the Song of Hiawatha’ that is loosely based on him.
  • Maria TallChief – A famous dancer, TallChief was born to an Osage Nation father. Her fantastic ballet skills led to her continued input into Chicago dance schools – one of which she founded.


Native American names have so many different meanings.

There are so many names to choose from, ranging from the nature inspired Yoki (rain) to the name that literally mean wolf (like Tala). These unique names are truly great for you and your pooch and are sure to catch people’s attention when calling your pup in the park.

We hope that you have found the right name for you and your furry-friend!

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