German Shepherd Names: 300+ Greatest Names For Your Pup

So, you are the proud owner of a gorgeous German Shepherd.

Now comes the hard bit – deciding on a name for your new furry family member.

German Shepherds are well-known for their loyalty, intelligence and their great working ability. They truly are the full package being a great working dog and a great family pet.

However, we know that picking a name for your pup can be hard, so we are here to lend you a helping paw or two!

German Shepherd Names

Short Haired German Shepherds

Did you know that German Shepherds were first bred in Germany by Captain Max von Stephanitz?

Since Max, German Shepherds have become one of America’s most loved canine companions, ranking as America’s second most popular dog.

It’s clear these pooches deserve a paw-some name – so check out our list of names below:

German Shepherd Names
Max Ida
Ace Ali
Boris Polo
Jasper Brooklyn
Sheba Oakley
Bella Forrest
Isis Ashley
Tillie Rolf
Brandy Mist
Dixie Anya
Mona Ember
Caleb Smokey
Duke Ernie
Dakota Faith
Copper Helga
Rex Rusty
Harley Sadie
Bentley Odie
Kiki Gunther
Indigo Bruno
Nancy Frida
Heidi Rocky
Lucy Poppy
Ark Wolfie
Bolt Sunny
Opal Roxy
Zorro West
Hollie Breeze
Mason Rose
Wanda Rio
Amber Archie
Alexa Nikita
Tundra Elektra
Hans Mya
Nova Quinn
Trouble Luna
Kit Ben
Silver Wilf
Brandy Missy
Maddie North
Achilles Franz
Lexus Maxie
Olga Berlin
Leo Elsa
Rufus Ella
Hermann Twilight
Roxanne Bear
Lacey Onyx
Zodiac Rambo
Milo Raven

Female German Shepherd Names

Short Haired German Shepherd Jumping

So, your new furry friend is a female German Shepherd.

German Shepherds are a fairly big dog breed and are often said to have wolf-like characteristics. Does your furry-friend look like one of her wolf ancestors? Then look no further.

We have lots of ferocious fab-fur-lous names for you to choose from for your feisty female GSD. Check them out below:

  1. Cleopatra – After the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, this would be the perfect name for a female with a strong and determined character.
  2. Destiny
  3. Ada – Meaning noble.
  4. Avita
  5. Leia – Starwars
  6. Duchess
  7. Ilse
  8. Rita
  9. Bridget
  10. Venus
  11. Katniss – A fantastic name for a girl as strong as The Hunger Games character.
  12. Lady
  13. River
  14. Lassie
  15. Arya – Game of Thrones.
  16. Mystic
  17. Hope
  18. Moonlight
  19. Blair
  20. Trinity
  21. Mocha
  22. Bree
  23. Sydney
  24. Charm
  25. Krissy
  26. Schatzi
  27. Coco
  28. Alayna
  29. Angel
  30. Belle

Male German Shepherd Names

Short Haired German Shepherd Lying Down

Are you struggling to find a marvelous name for your male German Shepherd?

Well, we have found some great names that are sure to get everyone’s tails wagging.

  1. Levi
  2. Bucky
  3. Indiana – Indiana Jones
  4. Axel
  5. Caesar – After the famous Roman Emperor, a great name for a brave German Shepherd.
  6. Klaus
  7. Luka
  8. Donner
  9. Kane
  10. Roosevelt – Former US president.
  11. Baron
  12. Casper
  13. Aslan
  14. Atlas
  15. Zak
  16. Falcon
  17. Bullet
  18. Comet
  19. Jet
  20. Champ
  21. Major
  22. Hansel
  23. Sampson
  24. Ernie
  25. Dougie
  26. Sarge
  27. Stark – Game of Thrones.
  28. Hunter
  29. Matrix
  30. Rudy

Badass German Shepherd Dog Names

Black German Shepherd Walking

Is your pup a rebel at heart?

Then perhaps it would be a great idea to give them a brilliantly badass name! Calling one of these names in the dog-park is bound to have other hounds giving your pup a high-paw, because it will be clear that they are the top dog around here.

Our favorite name is Bandit, what is yours?

Badass German Shepherd Dog Names
Bandit Rey
Rocco Needle
Bond – James Bond Tempest
Carrie Wednesday – The Adams Family – Great if your German Shepherd is as sassy as Wednesday Adam.
Rain Deuce
Priestess Puma
Scorpio Robber
Jinx Rider
Vega Khan
Vixen Bengal
Fallout Chaos

Best German Shepherd Names

German shepherd in field


Still struggling to find the paw-fect German Shepherd name?

We think that sometimes, the best way to pick a name for your German Shepherd is to pick a name that you think is awesome. We suggest looking for inspiration from your favorite characters or celebrities.

Why not name your hound dog after a character from your favorite TV show? Or, maybe you want to pick a name based on the color of your German Shepherd’s coat?

Either way, we have compiled a list of some of the best names for your GSD.

Best German Shepherd Names
Athena – Ancient Greek Goddess.
Snow – Great for a white German Shepherd.
Solo – Starwars.
Sansa – A strong female character from Game of Thrones.
Cersei – Game of Thrones.
Zeus – Another Greek God.
Tolkien – For all of you Lord of the Rings fans, why not name your GSD after the author of the epic books?
Eleven – After the Stranger Things character.
Buffy – The infamous vampire slayer.

Strong German Shepherd Names

German shepherd hiding behind yellow flowers

German Shepherds were bred especially for their strength, agility and work ethic – making them one of the strongest breeds of all time!

Your German Shepherd has inherited some of these traits from their working ancestors, so they deserve a name as strong as their dutiful and strong personality.

Howl about taking a look at some of our names below?

  • Tzar – Russian for King, a really strong name for a GSD.
  • Erma – This means warrior.
  • Blitz
  • Jade
  • Ursula – Meaning little bear.
  • Hex
  • Hades
  • Coyote
  • Hercules
  • Blaze
  • Lara
  • Canon
  • Mercy
  • Whirlwind
  • Dynamite
  • Apollo
  • Howler
  • Akira
  • Admiral
  • Xena – A warrior princess.
  • Panzer – A German tank, perfect for a German Shepherd.
  • Kaiser – German for King.
  • Apache
  • Storm
  • Blizzard
  • Everest

Cute German Shepherd Names

German Shepherd

Have you still not found a name for your pooch?

Maybe you are looking for a cute and cuddly name for your German Shepherd pal. We have found some of the cutest names around and we think you will absolutely woof them. They are bound to have everyone going “awwww”.

  • Cookie
  • Rolo
  • Baby – From Dirty Dancing
  • Babe
  • Pepper
  • Brownie
  • Pongo
  • Chip
  • Peanut
  • Alfie
  • Biscuit
  • Blondie
  • Prince
  • Simba – From Disney’s The Lion King, how could you resist this cute name?
  • Corky
  • Delilah
  • Flo
  • Huckleberry
  • Pixie
  • Java

German Shepherd Police Dog Names

Black German Shepherd Appearance

Did you know that German Shepherds are the most common dog used by the police?

This is because of their brave and bold personality and of course, their intelligence.

Some are even rewarded for their bravery, like Finn who was wounded alongside his handler in October 2016 whilst on duty. He was awarded with a PSDA gold medal for bravery by the UK government. What a heroic hound.

We have picked some names worthy of any dog that spends their days on paw-patrol. Take a look at our list of names below.

German Shepherd Police Dog Names
Finn – After the brave GSD wounded in action.
Sherlock – like the detective.
Ape – Another brave GSD injured whilst working as a canine FBI agent.

German Shepherd Puppy Names

German Shepherd puppies are absolutely adorable.

They are so tiny, it’s hard to believe they grow into such big and beautiful dogs! Here are some names that we love, perfect for your precious bundle of fluff.

Our favorite has to be Pip. Let us know which name is your favorite?

  • Pip
  • Paws
  • Snoopy
  • Socks
  • Buddy – Because your German Shepherd is sure to become your best buddy.
  • Polly
  • Penny
  • Toto
  • Toby
  • Winnie – Like Winnie the Pooh, great for a pup with a big appetite.
  • Wilbur
  • Peaches
  • Lulu
  • Nala
  • Otis
  • Mimi


One of the hardest parts about being a new owner is choosing you canine companion’s name. That is why we hope we have helped you choose the right name for your German Shepherd pup.

However, we know that picking a name for your pooch is incredibly stressful.

So here are some of our favorite tips:

  • If you are still struggling, we recommend naming your dog based on their characteristics – every pup has its own unique personality.
  • Or, perhaps take a look at the color of your German Shepherd’s coat – this can be great inspiration.

German Shepherds are one of the most beautiful breeds out there, and we hope you and your furry friend find a name as equally as special as they are.

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  1. I named my male GSD “Jack”. When a friend asks what his name is I say “Jack Hammer” and if a stranger asks I say “Jack the Ripper”. At 15 months he is a clod-hopper still. I started calling him Hammer at first but switched over to Jack because he responded better to the one syllable name. Love my pup!

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