Do long haired dachshunds bark a lot?

Yes, long haired dachshunds bark a lot. They have a deep bark, similar to bigger dogs, and they are very vocal.

The long haired dachshund is calmer than smooth and wirehaired dachshunds, but they all have similar barking habits.

If you would like to prevent or manage barking, it’s important to consider why your dog may be barking. If barking is related to boredom or attention, make sure to not respond until your dog is quiet. For watchdogs like long haired dachshunds, you can prevent barking by closing any blinds or curtains to manage outdoor distractions.

You can also teach your dog the command, “quiet” or “no barking”.

  1. Wait until your dog has finished barking and say a command such as “quiet” or “no barking”.
  2. Reward with a small treat.
  3. Continue to reinforce the command and reward when your dog is quiet and is finished barking.