Can French bulldogs be left alone?

No, French bulldogs can’t be left alone. They’re a sociable breed who love being close to their favorite humans.

French bulldogs were originally bred to stick by their owner’s side – and today they’re often referred to as ‘Velcro’ dogs because they are so clingy.

If left alone for long periods, French bulldogs may develop separation anxiety, and their distress can manifest as frequent barking or whining, soiling inside the home, or destructive behaviors.

If you have to be away from your French bulldog for long periods, you can help relieve your pet’s anxiety and boredom to some extent with:

  • exercise before you leave, so it will sleep while you’re away
  • interactive toys and puzzles to keep its mind occupied
  • chewy toys to relieve frustration
  • Dog TV or YouTube channels to soothe them and provide distraction until you return

If your lifestyle means there’s no one at home for extended periods, and your pet would be left alone on a regular basis, a French bulldog may not be the ideal breed for you.