What is the lifespan of a mini Aussie?

The lifespan of a mini Aussie is 12 to 15 years.

While mini Aussies are generally healthy, working-breed dogs, they are prone to certain health conditions:

– Hip dysplasia
– Hereditary eye defects and disorders
– Canine degenerative myelopathy

Some mini Aussies are also born deaf.

If you get a mini Aussie, you should take it for a hip evaluation, an ophthalmologist evaluation, and several DNA tests to keep your dog healthy and to prevent future health issues. Regular checkups with veterinarians to ensure that each dog is eating and exercising properly are also recommended.

To avoid health problems, ask dog breeders or pet rescues about bloodlines and hereditary diseases before buying or adopting mini Aussies.

You shouldn’t get a mini Aussie if you don’t have the resources to handle the breed’s potential health problems or if you are looking for a low-maintenance dog.