German Shepherd Poodle Mix: 6 Must Read Facts

The German shepherd poodle mix is a gentle giant.

These affectionate dogs love to be the center of attention and need all eyes on them all the time.

Why would not you want to admire these glorious pups at all times?

These dogs will happily adapt to anyone’s lifestyle as long as they are not left alone for long periods of time.

What is a German Shepherd Poodle Mix?

The German shepherd poodle mix is a delightful mix between the courageous, hardworking German shepherd and the glamorous poodle.

This hybrid was initially bred for for work however their gentle nature quickly made them a popular companion dog.

These loyal and affectionate pups love to be the center of attention and will constantly demand that someone is fussing them. Despite their large size these giants think that they are lapdogs and will try snuggle you on the couch!

They are protective of their family members and take a while to warm up to strangers. Once they warm up they will love that person forever.

German Shepherd Poodle mixes make the perfect family pet. These dogs absolutely adore children and will happily play with them for hours and hours. They are low-maintenance, easy to train and do not have strict dietary needs.

All these polite pups will ask of you is that you allow them to get all their energy out with lots of exercise during the day.

  • Overview: Hybrid (German Shepherd/Poodle).
  • Purpose: Companion.
  • Weight: 50-90 pounds.
  • Size: 22-28 inches.
  • Temperament: Eager to please, loyal and affectionate.

German Shepherd Poodle Mix Appearance

German Shepherd Poodle Mix

These gentle giants have a rugged and rustic look to them.

Their thick fur often sticks out in all directions and can grow long enough to cover their eyes. Despite this scruffy appearance they have sweet endearing eyes that will quickly earn your love and affection. Rather than having the pointy ears of a German Shepherd, this hybrids’ ears lazily lay over their head and make them appear less intimidating!

However just by looking at a German Shepherd Poodle mix you can see their strength.

As both parent breeds are sturdy and muscular this mix will also have an athletic build.

Their beautifully sculpted bodies and long tails give them an undeniable aura of strength and confidence.

Height and Weight

These mixes can weigh anywhere from 50-90lbs.

Their weight can vary a lot and will depend on which parent breed they inherit more genes from.

As both parents are tall their height is slightly easy to predict – they are typically 22-28 inches in height.

Colors and Coat

There is not much color variation with these pups.

Shepadoodles can be either black, cream, tan, sable or gray.

Their fur can be wavy (like a German Shepherd) or curly (like a Poodle).

If your pooch inherits the fur of a German Shepherd they will probably shed a bit more. But if you are lucky enough that your dog has the curly coat of a Poodle then they will shed very lightly and may even be hypoallergenic.

Regardless of the texture of their coat, it will be medium length fur that is soft to the touch.

5 Fun Facts About The German Doodle

Shepherd Doodle

  1. These dogs have a variety of nicknames including the Shepadoodle, Shepherdoodle and the Shepherdpoo.
  2. The German Shepherd Poodle Mix hybrid was originally developed in the 1960s to be used as military police dogs for the U.S. army.
  3. Both the German Shepherd and the Poodle originate from Germany.
  4. Poodles can come in three sizes (standard, mini, and toy) but most German Shepherd Poodle mixes are bred with a Standard Poodle parent.
  5. Chew toys can greatly help reduce separation anxiety with these dogs.

German Shepherd Poodle Mix Personality and Temperament

A German Shepherd Poodle Mix

This dog is full of life.

These bundles of energy would happily play all day long if you were willing. They love running around, hiking, fetching balls and especially playing with toys. They are one of the most playful breeds in existence and they will always be in search of a new playmate.

German Shepherd Poodle mixes are friendly and loving souls that will quickly become another member of your family.

These affectionate pups love to be the center of attention and will happily snuggle up with you on the couch. This dog will quickly become your second shadow and will always be with you.

Because of their strong attachment to their humans they often develop separation anxiety and cannot be left alone for long periods of time.

This breed is extremely hardworking and can diligently perform any job you train them for. These dogs are often used in military/service work because of their confident and devoted attitude.

German Doodles are extremely intelligent and are ready to work if you are willing to give them a job.

These dogs rarely bark.

However due to their protective nature when someone new approaches your house they will bark.

They are a bit aloof with strangers and it will take a while until they can trust them. However once a stranger has proven themselves worthy this mix will give them their unfailing loyalty and demand their affection.

Is The German Shepherd Poodle Mix A Good Family Dog?


These protective pups will keep your children safe and will be their best friend. They form extremely strong bonds with their family members and are friendly and playful.

Caring for a German Shepherd Poodle Mix


Beyond their high demand for exercise and mental stimulation the German Shepherd Poodle mix is a fairly low-maintenance breed.

These intelligent pups are easy to train and have low grooming requirements.

Their diet is also fairly easy to manage as they will eat just about any food that you put in front of them.

Because they are so easy to care for this breed would make a great choice for first-time dog owners.

Exercise Requirements

The biggest part of caring for them is keeping them active.

These strong athletes love to exercise – running, hiking, swimming, playing fetch, or skilfully completing agility courses are all favorites.

They need at least 1-2 hours of exercise each day in addition to their daily walks.

Because these dogs need plenty of time and space to run all the energy out of their bodies, they do not typically do well living in an apartment. Apartments are far too small for these gentle giants and they need lots of space to roam around outside.

If you are not dedicated to properly exercising your German Doodle they will become cranky.

These dogs love their active lifestyles and they get bent out of shape when they do not get to run around as much as they want to.

They will most likely express this to you by chewing on your belongings.

  • Number of Walks Per Day: 2+.
  • Total Exercise Needed Per Day: Minimum 90 minutes.

Grooming and Shedding

German Doodle

Their grooming needs will depend on which parent’s fur they inherit.

If they inherit the fur of their German Shepherd parent, they will have thick, long, wavy fur that falls out frequently. If they inherit the coat of their Poodle parent, they will have the traditional curls and won’t shed very often.

Regardless of the texture it is recommended that you brush these dogs 2-3 times per week.

This helps to stop it becoming tangled and matted.

While you are brushing your dog you should check their skin for any abnormalities. This breed is prone to sensitive and dry skin so you will want to examine them for any irritation, redness, swelling, rashes or bald spots.

Feeding and Diet

This breed can vary a lot in weight depending on which parent breed they take after.

Smaller hybrids will only need about 2 cups of food per day, but if your dog is on the larger side they will need 4 cups of food per day. If you are unsure then it is best you speak with a veterinarian to make sure your pooch maintains a healthy weight.

Make sure you spread their meals out over 2-3 meals per day.

They can suffer from bloat so make sure you space out their eating times.

Also they can easily become overweight so make sure to feed them a diet that is low in carbs and high in protein.

Calories Per Day:Cups of Kibble Per Day:

Known Health Problems

When cared for correctly these mixes are can be very healthy however they are predisposed to certain illnesses because of their genetic disposition.

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia are not uncommon because of how often these dogs are running around.
  • Osteoarthritis is also common in this mixed breed. Closely watch your dog for any signs of discomfort or pain while they exercise and alert your veterinarian with any concerns.
  • Other possible health issues involve bloat, allergies and hemophilia.

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How Long Does A German Shepherd Poodle Mix Live?

This mix typically lives a long life that lasts for 12-14 years.

How Much Does A German Shepherd Poodle Mix Cost?

These dogs typically cost around $800 with a range of anywhere from $500-$1000.

How To Train A German Doodle

German Doodle Playing

Training a German Shepherd Poodle Mix is much easier than training other breeds.

These pups are extremely intelligent and are eager to please. They will happily obey whatever you ask of them as long as you use positive reinforcement by rewarding them with plenty of love and affection.

Because these dogs are so smart you have to keep them thinking.

Giving your dog a job is a great way to stimulate their active minds. These dogs are often great candidates for military, police and service dogs.

They also excel in agility training because of their strong muscular bodies.

If you do not have the opportunity to give your dog a job then make sure to invest in plenty of interesting toys. Toys that you can hide treats in, strong chew toys and balls for them to fetch in the yard are some of the best for this breed. You can also keep them entertained by teaching them interesting tricks beyond sit and stay.

These pups have minds that are capable of learning complex routines so feel free to challenge them.

One final point for training is socialization – this is a very important part of the dog training process for German Shepherd Poodle mixes. Whilst they can make great watchdogs for families their defensive nature can get out of hand if they are not socialized properly.

Protectiveness can easily turn into aggression if not closely monitored.

Make sure to introduce your pup to many people and animals at a young age to ensure that they have positive interactions with others in the future.

Buyer’s Guide

Light to moderate shedding.
Not suited for apartment life.
Friendly and affectionate with family members.
May develop separation anxiety.
Easy to train.
Prone to developing obesity.
Protective of their family.
Wary of strangers.
Skilled workers as service, therapy or military dogs.

Quick Breed Summary Table

Breed Characteristics
Size:22-28 inches
Lifespan:12-14 years
Coat:Dense medium length coat that is wavy or curly
Color:Black, cream, tan, sable, gray
Do They Shed:Light to moderate
Temperament:Energetic, affectionate and loyal
Socialization:Needs to be socialized from an early age so they are better with strangers
Destructive Behavior:Will chew if bored or not exercised enough
People Skills:Because of their protective nature they are wary of strangers
Good with Children:Yes
Activity Levels:Highly energetic


This mix proudly boasts the title of the largest lap breed.

These pups are not quite aware of their massive size, or maybe they just do not let their weight stop them from their intense need for cuddles.

Whilst they have high energy levels they are generally low maintenance.

Anyone who has an active lifestyle and lives in an area with a large yard could easily welcome a German Shepherd Poodle mix into their home.

These lovable pups are as sweet as they are tall and will make an incredible addition to any family that can keep up with them.

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