How Much Does A Great Dane Cost? The Complete Buyer’s Guide

The Great Dane is well known as one of the largest dog breeds. As you might imagine, this large dog comes with a large price tag too.

With their friendly demeanor and excellent temperament, most people are surprised to learn that these dogs were originally bred in Germany to take down boars.

As a result of their large size, they receive plenty of attention but it’s also their downfall when it comes to your bank balance.

But just how much does a Great Dane cost?

In this article we’ve broken down how much it costs to buy and own a Great Dane so you can fully understand what you are committing to with one of these gentle giants.

How Much Does A Great Dane Cost?

Great Dane

Puppy Price

A great dane’s price can range from $600 up to $3,000.

The exact price will depend on the breeder and the puppy’s pedigree. A pedigree dog is one whose lineage has been recorded, proving that it’s purebred.

There is a huge difference in price between show quality dogs and dogs that are mainly bred as pets. Show quality dogs will have inherited their excellent bloodlines from award-winning parents. The breeders will have all of the paperwork including American Kennel Club certification.

Whereas if you don’t want to show your dog, you can use recreational breeder.

Many of these breeders produce lovely Great Dane puppies for much cheaper prices. If you do enough research into these breeders, you will stumble across a wonderful dog. Most non-show Great Dane breeders will charge around $1,500 for a puppy.

Dog Price

If you don’t want to buy a puppy, have you considered adoption?

Adoption fees are usually around $150, which is much cheaper than buying a puppy. Many Great Danes end up in shelters due to situational issues and are genuinely lovely dogs. It may be worth phoning local shelters and asking around.

However, owning an adult dog does come with its own set of challenges.

It’s harder to train an older dog and working with behavioral issue may take some time. An older dog does have benefits though.

  1. Generally, they are already toilet trained.
  2. Most of the time they will have some basic obedience training.
  3. They’re also much calmer than puppies on the whole.

When adopting from a shelter, they will normally give the dog a full health check.

This will help find out any issues that have developed or are likely to develop. They will also have been spayed or neutered. Having all of this done for you will reduce the money you would have to pay if you purchased a puppy.

If you’re buying an adult Great Dane from their owner, the price will be dependent on the dog. For a show quality dog that’s been fully trained, they will be fairly expensive. If someone is just unable to keep their pet any longer, the price is likely to be lower.

The average price range of an adult Great Dane will vary between $100 to $400.

Factors That Impact the Cost of a Great Dane

Great Dane Puppy

It’s not just whether a Great Dane is a puppy or an adult that makes a difference to its price. There are many other factors that could will impact the price of a Great Dane including: age, lineage and certifications.


We’ve discussed the difference in price between a puppy and an adult. But what you may not realize is that even the puppy’s age in weeks can affect their price. The ideal age to buy a puppy is 8 to 12 weeks. This is when most people want the puppies and the breeder is able to ask the highest price for them.

As the puppies increase in age, their price will go down. Once they reach a year old, you will see a significant drop in price.

Remember if you do buy them as a pup, it’s likely you will be paying for the pup’s vaccinations and treatments. Expect to be paying between $125 and $480.

Coat Color and Quality

Show quality Great Danes have to have a black, fawn, blue, brindle, harlequin or mantle coat color (these are the only ones accepted for showing). Great Danes that have a coat color different to one of these, such as merle, will often be cheaper.

At the moment the harlequin coat is the most popular color, so they are the most expensive.

Also it’s worth mentioning that white Great Danes are more susceptible to genetic defects and are likely to cost less than the other puppies in a litter.


There isn’t much difference in the price of a male or a female puppy.

Males do tend to grow larger than the females though. So this means they will need more food, medication, bedding and so on. This will almost certainly mean the upkeep of a male Great Dane is more expensive in the long run.

Lineage and Bloodlines

If the puppy has award winning parents or grandparents, then they are considered to have an excellent pedigree.

The higher quality a dog’s pedigree the more expensive they are.

If you want to show your Great Dane, this is definitely something you should consider. If showing is not something you are interested in, you will save money by looking for pups without a fancy pedigree.


Your location can also impact the price of puppies.

If you’re located in an area with lots of Great Dane breeders, then competitive pricing may work in your favor. If there is only one local breeder, then they’ve cornered the market and can charge what they want!

Different areas will favor coat colors differently. Some areas may charge more for Merle dogs as they’re in high demand.

Breeder Practices and Certification

With breeders, a good general rule is that the more care taken of the mother, the more expensive the puppies will be.

If a breeder is registered with the American Kennel Club, they have to meet certain standards. This means they will have to pay more towards the upkeep of their dogs than someone who is not registered. Another factor to consider is the price of veterinary care. If they use a specialist Great Dane veterinarian, this will increase their prices as well.

Breeders that pay for sires with excellent pedigrees are also going to charge more for their puppies.

Also related to breeders is the certification your receive with your dog.

Certification from the American Kennel Club has the biggest impact on a Great Dane’s price. The certification process costs a huge amount of money.

The big benefit for you as a buyer is that it lets you look into the pedigree of the dog, in addition to their temperament and medical history. Breeders that can prove (through certification) their dogs are in excellent health with a strong pedigree are able to charge more for their puppies.

Long Term Ownership Costs

Cost of a Great Dane

Buying a Great Dane is only one part of the overall cost of owning a Great Dane.

There is also the cost of maintenance. These are all the costs that build up over time. You may not think too much of them at first but over the 8 to 10 years a Great Dane is expected to live, these will really stack up.


The cheapest option for training is to do it yourself. If you have loads of experience training dogs, you will feel comfortable striking out on your own.

But if you’re less experienced at training dogs, we’d recommend attending some puppy training classes. You also have the option for one-to-ones with trainers. Be sure to do your research into any trainers. Ask your other doggy friends for advice as well. You should expect to pay $5 to $20 for group classes and $20 to $150 for personal lessons.

Some places do provide boarding classes. This is when your dog goes and spends days or weeks in a dog training group. These are quite expensive but may be worthwhile, especially if your dog has issues with socialization.


Day to day, the grooming of a Great Dane isn’t too expensive. You will need to invest in a good bristle brush to keep their coat healthy. When it comes to washing your Great Dane, this is where you may want to use a professional.

Due to their size, washing a Great Dane is a real challenge and the professional equipment that groomers own makes the process much easier, quicker and less stressful for your pooch.

They should be going to their groomer every 6 to 8 weeks. Depending on which groomer you use, they will charge between $40 to $120 per grooming session.

Health Care and Veterinary Bills

A routine veterinarian checkup is likely to be between $20 and $75, providing there is nothing wrong with your pup. You should go for checkups like these around once a year. These visits are important as your vet will be able to catch any conditions early.

Unfortunately, purebred dogs like the Great Dane are more susceptible to health conditions. The bigger the dog, the more antibiotics they need. The more antibiotics they need, the more expensive it’s going to be. Antibiotics for Great Danes can be anywhere from $10 to $200.

Bloat is a common issue for Great Danes. If your Great Dane develops bloat, the price to operate is between £1,000 and $5,000. You could have a gastropexy which reduces the risk of bloat but this costs around $500. This surgery is sometimes offered alongside a spay or neuter to reduce the price. For neutering, you are looking at $125 to $400 and, as a spay is more complicated, their price ranges from $200 to $600.

Hip dysplasia is another concern for this dog. Hip dysplasia operations cost thousands of dollars. Regular vet visits will be essential for catching this early and putting treatment in place to prevent the need for expensive surgery.

Lastly, the Great Dane has an oversized heart. Not in a cute way, unfortunately. It’s actually rather dangerous for them and can need medication to treat it. This is going to cost $500 to $1,500 a month.


The medical bills we’ve just talked about are scary. The best way to stay ahead of all of those costs is to invest in pet insurance.

Generally, the more you pay into an insurance policy, the more cover you’re going to receive from it. Go for the best policy you can afford – it is worth it in the long run.

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Exam fees are included, which saves you around $50-$250 per sick visit.

Comprehensive Dental

PetPlan covers injury and disease in every adult tooth — not just the canines.

Breed Specific Conditions

Not all providers cover hereditary conditions linked to breed. PetPlan does.

Food and Treats

Providing good nutrition for your Great Dane is one of the best preventative measures for many of those scary medical conditions we mentioned. Paying a little extra money for good quality dog food is going to be worth it.

They are different from most dogs as they don’t require a puppy food blend. They grow quickly and don’t need the extra help that puppy food provides.

Once fully grown they will consume around 2,500 calories every day. With a high-quality kibble diet, you should expect to be paying around $70 to $100 every month.


There are a few extra items you’ll need to buy. These are generally the fun things to spend money on. Items like: crates, beds, bedding, food and water bowls, as well as an assortment of different toys, a collar, a tag, a harness and a lead.

How much you spend on these items is entirely down to you.

One other miscellaneous cost you should consider is transporting your Great Dane. This extremely large dog is not going to fit in a small car. A people carrier or SUV is more the sort of size you’ll need.

How to Find a Reputable Great Dane Breeder

Great Dane Walking

Due to the large price tag of a Great Dane, it’s important that you find a good breeder.

Using a good breeder will reduce the chances of genetic defects in the puppies. This is going to save you money in the long run. The Great Dane Kennel Club of America has set out an ethical code for breeders.

A good breeder will have excellent reviews from previous buyers.

You should be able to see for yourself that the mother and puppies are kept in a safe, clean environment. You should be able to meet the mother of the puppies and possibly the father as well. They should be able to provide you with all the appropriate papers and certifications. Documentation on health screenings for hip dysplasia should be available as well as any other medical records.

Breeders may also ask you about your home environment, for instance, whether you have a fenced yard, what your plans for training are and so on. The higher the quality of the breeder, the more information they may ask for. Some require you to take your Great Dane to obedience classes and to give them your veterinarian’s information.

Warning signs of a poor breeder are if they always have puppies available.

If something feels off or you’re being pressured into buying, walk away and find another breeder.


Now that you have read this article, you should have a good idea of the cost to buy and raise a Great Dane.

Owning a Great Dane is a joy and will be some of the best years of your life. It’s important that before you commit to this giant dog, you fully understand how much they cost.

Keeping one will have a massive impact on your life and it’s not a decision to take lightly!

It’s important that you are realistic when it comes to these amazing dogs. They deserve to live the best lives they’re able to. That said, they are amazing pets who will repay you one hundred fold in love.

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  1. Thank you for your information. We are getting our first GD puppy and the info you give helps me better plan for such a big new member of your family.

  2. Well, I have learned that I am not feeding my one year old female Great Dane enough. I give her about 1 1/2 cups of food 3 times a day. She does not ever appear to be hungry. Thank-you for having this information.I appreciate it.

  3. Hi! I really enjoyed reading your article about this amazing breed.
    A little over 2 months ago my niece, Madison found a pitiful, sick female Great Dane wandering around in her front yard. She didn’t have a tag on that would give her the owner’s information however. Although she did have a shock collar on. The state of this poor girl was just awful. You could see every bone in her body. She was terribly underweight and had a very bad skin condition. A lot of her hair was missing and she was barely able to walk. Madi tried to locate the owners by asking her neighbors. No one claimed her. Madison took her in to her vet to check for a chip, as well as asking if they recognized her. Both answers were no. She then contacted our local Humane Society to see if she could take her in. Madi owns a full bred German Shepherd. His name is Atlas. He’s a little over a year old and due to his level of energy and playfulness, she was afraid that Atlas might hurt this sick older dog. This was a Saturday and the Humane Society explained that they only accept new dogs on weekdays. That’s when she called me to see if I could take care of her until she could take her in to the shelter on Monday morning. I have always loved animals, especially dogs. The way that they bond with you and give you that unconditional kind of love is something truly special, a gift. So of course I said that I would be happy to help. I just took one look at this amazing sweet gentle giant and I was completely in love. I was also horrified by the state she was in. Truth be told I didn’t think that she would make it to Monday. She was in such dire straits. Honestly, she looked like a walking skeleton. She held her head in a lowered position and acted as if she was defeated. I got so angry at the lack of care and just pure neglect she has suffered. I have been blessed in my life to have always had the companionship of a dog. Though they’ve always been in the Chihuahua variety. I knew absolutely nothing about the Great Dane breed. I read everything I could to educate myself. I wanted to make sure that I gave her the very best chance of surviving. I fed her chicken and rice in broth because I knew this would be easy for her to digest. She seemed to be so grateful for the attention I was giving her. She began looking at me in the eyes and putting her head in my lap. I fell completely in love with her. Because of her condition and due to her older age, I know that she was probably not going to be adoptable. She, most likely would be put to sleep. I talked to Madison and told her that I wanted to keep the dog. I want to make sure that however much time she has left, that they are the most happy. I want to give her unconditional love that she’s deserving of. I took her to see my vet the following week. I just wanted to make sure she would live, before putting her through the extra stress. Amazingly she did! My vet did all kinds of tests. She was suffering from a skin infection due to flea allergies. She was also extremely underweight. (Only 75lbs) He estimates her age to be around 7 years old. The good news is that there isn’t anything more serious issues. She was parasite and heartworm free. Her heart and lungs are healthy and her prognosis is very good. I got her up to date with her vaccinations and she was put on a flea, tick, misquote medication as well as a heartworm prevention medication. I have named her Lulu. She has made a remarkable recovery! Her coat has grown back in and it’s shiny and healthy looking. I give her a shower about twice a week, bathing her with a medicated, soothing shampoo. She’s never objected to taking a shower. She seems to really enjoy it. It’s so routine for her that whenever I open the shower door, she steps right in! Lulu has come such a long way in just 7 weeks. Her eyes are twinkling now and she isn’t holding her head in that lowered, defeated position anymore. She follows me everywhere I go and has gotten strong enough to get on my bed to sleep. Just a couple of days ago I caught her running and playing with a stuffed animal I gave her! Lulu has become a great addition to my family. My other dogs, (all 5 of them) have accepted her and they get along very well. I am really hopeful of her future here with me. With proper love and care, maybe she’ll have a few more years ahead of her. I thank God for allowing me the chance to take care of such a sweet, amazing animal! The joy she brings me everyday is immeasurable! Thank you for taking the time to read my storystory!

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