Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix: Price, Temperament and More…

The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix is not only beautiful, but they are also an intelligent and loving dog. As the name implies, this mix is a cross between the Australian shepherd and the golden retriever.

These dogs will capture the heart of anyone who meets them which is why they are quickly becoming popular.

Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

What is an Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix?

The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix is a medium to large sized dog with a well-built physique and long coat.

Also known as an Australian Retriever, these dogs are used for herding on the farm or as a loyal companion for the family.

They are devoted to their owners and form strong bonds with not only them but every member of the family.

These pooches are very energetic and need an owner who has enough time and the appropriate space to be able to get their energy out.

You can expect a lean tough working dog that embodies that idea of the “wild west”.

  • Overview: Mixed Breed (Australian Shepherd/Golden Retriever Mix).
  • Purpose: Companion.
  • Weight: 30-60 pounds.
  • Size: 19-23 inches.
  • Temperament: Energetic, affectionate, and intelligent .

Australian Retriever Appearance

Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix

Depending on which genes they inherit these pups can look more like either the Golden Retriever or Australian Shepherd.

This will impact their size with those with more Golden Retriever being larger.

Most of the time these dogs will be well-muscled with a bushy tail and friendly alert eyes.

These dogs are one of the most popular breeds for a reason – they are not only friendly but stunning dogs. They have powerful and athletic builds that make them good for hunting, obedience, and guide dogs.

Height and Weight

These dogs are a medium to large breed that can weigh anywhere from 30 to 60 pounds.

They should stand between 19 to 23 inches – which is the perfect height to pet them!

Colors and Coat

You can expect these dogs to come in a variety of colors including black, brown, white, and golden.

They can also come in merle, speckled, and spotted variations of many different colors.

Your pup will have a waterproof double coat that is flowing and wavy.

5 Fun Facts About The Australian Retriever

  1. It is believed that this that mix first originated in 2007.
  2. Many Australian Shepherd and Golden Retrievers are used as guide dogs to help the visually impaired.
  3. These dogs make great watchdogs since they are protective over their people.
  4. Although the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix is not recognized by the AKC they are recognized by the Canine Hybrid Club.
  5. These dogs would be great as farmhands and herding dogs because of their high herding and protective drive.

Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Personality and Temperament

Golden Retriever And Australian Shepherd

Since these are mixed breed dogs they tend to have personality traits from both parents.

  • The Golden Retriever is America’s most popular breed. They are very even-tempered and loving dogs that truly want to please their owners. These dogs are best known for their gentle disposition – they are outgoing, confident, and trustworthy dogs that make a great addition to the family.
  • The Australian Shepherd is known for their intelligence, determination, and energy. They are dogs that need a job and have a high impulse to herd and a strong work drive that will need attention.

Australian Retrievers have personality traits from both of these breeds which means they should be loyal, affectionate, eager to please, and energetic.

Since these are an intelligent breed they are going to need a lot of exercise and training to keep them motivated.

They have high energy levels and remain puppy-like throughout their lives.

If their energy is not directed in the correct ways or they are not stimulated enough they will find a way to keep themselves entertained. This means that they can have some destructive behavior if not properly trained.

They can be protective over certain items in the house so they will need to be properly socialized.

Overall they will want to be with their owner every part of the day and love to be loved. They are amazing dogs that are ready to do whatever you want (especially if that means outdoor activities).

Is The Australian Retriever A Good Family Dog?

Australian Retriever make great family dogs – they love children and form close bonds with their human family.

Caring for an Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

Golden Retriever Aussie Mix

Caring for an Australian Retriever can be time consuming.

These dogs need exercise, mental stimulation, and some grooming to keep them happy.

Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mixes need to be socialized from a young age and like to be with their owners most of the day.

They are an amazing addition to an adventurous and outgoing family that have the right amount of time and energy that these dogs need.

Exercise Requirements

This breed needs a lot of exercise.

They are always ready and waiting for the next fun adventure to go on.

Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd mixes need at least an hour of exercise a day whether that is through long walks, a game of fetch, or running around outside.

A great way to help these dogs get exercise would be a game of fetch or as a running partner. While running with your dog you could also have them heal next to you for some extra obedience training – this would be a good way to keep them mentally stimulated as well.

They enjoy being outside as much as possible, so weekly hikes with your dog will help.

  • Number of Walks Per Day: 2-3.
  • Total Exercise Needed Per Day: 60+ minutes.

Grooming and Shedding

Golden Aussie

A Golden Aussie’s double coat will shed (especially during spring and autumn) so they will need to be brushed 2-3 times a week.

During the seasonal changes they will need to be brushed daily.

As these dogs love to be outside they will most likely come back in dirtier than they left. Giving baths once a month and brushing them to get excess dirt out of their fur will help to keep them clean.

Checking their ears for dirt is a must as well.

Make sure to also check their paws for damage that could have happened while playing outdoors.

Feeding and Diet

Looking for food that is specific for their size, stage in life, and exercise level is a must for these dogs.

Their energy needs will change throughout their lives so finding food perfect for these different stages is important.

Sticking to food that avoids fillers and concentrates more on high protein since these dogs can be prone to overeating and gaining some unwanted pounds.

The high protein diet also helps to keep up their caloric intake for their high energy needs.

They should be fed 2 times a day with equally weighted meals.

Calories Per Day:Cups of Kibble Per Day:

Known Health Problems

These dogs are known to have problems with hip and elbow dysplasia just like their purebred parents.

Getting your dog from a reputable breeder that has checked their dogs for these traits is a good idea.

The Golden Retriever is known for certain health issues such as cancer. This can also be a problem for the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix.

The most common health problems include:

  • Eye cataracts.
  • Bloat.
  • Cancer.
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia.

If you’re like most dog parents (or parents-to-be), you care for your pet immensely. 

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How Long Does A Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Live?

With the correct care, these beautiful pooches can live up to 15 years old.

How Much Does A Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Cost?

They can cost anywhere between $300 and $900 for a puppy.

How to Train an Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

Australian Shepherd Golden And Retriever

The good news is the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix is easy to train and eager to please.

However, just like any other dog, dog training needs to start from a young age.

Socializing them will make sure that they are sociable and happy when introducing a new friend.

Positive reinforcement and repetition is the best way to train these dogs. They will need a direct, firm owner when giving commands since they can be a little stubborn but their intelligence and energy make them alert and responsive.

Putting your dog in puppy training classes is a great way for them to begin learning obedience training while getting socialized from a young age.

Repetition at home is a must for these dogs.
These dogs need an owner who is going to channel their intelligence and alertness in positive ways.

Agility is a great way to help these dogs get out some energy along with mental stimulation. They will need a lot of mental stimulation because of their hard-working drive. This can be done through different toys during playtime or even teaching your dog the name of their toys.

Interactive play (such as fetch) is another great idea to spend time with your dog and get them to use their brain.

Buyer’s Guide

Great running and hiking partner.
Can be protective over toys and food.
Makes a good watchdog.
Lots of shedding.
Very intelligent.
Struggle to live in an apartment.
Easy to train.
Can suffer from separation anxiety.
Ideal dog for first time owners.

Quick Breed Summary Table

Breed Characteristics
Size:19-23 inches
Lifespan:12-15 years
Coat:Long and dense double coat
Color:Black, brown, golden, and merle (to name only a few)
Do They Shed:Yes
Temperament:Driven, energetic, loyal and loving
Intelligence:Very high
Socialization:Needs to meet lots of people as a puppy
Destructive Behavior:Can be destructive if they are not exercised and mentally stimulated
People Skills:Great with people as long as they are socialized
Good with Children:Yes
Activity Levels:Very high


The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix can make an amazing companion or family member.

These dogs are friendly, loving, loyal, driven, and energetic.

An active and willing owner will not find a better dog than the Australian Retriever. They will need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation which means they need an active owner to be able to keep up with them.

They will love you their whole life without hesitation and will be there to make you smile in even your worst times.

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  1. We had an Aussie Goldie mix and it was the smartest sweetest dog we’ve ever had. If I could ever find another one I would love to get it. She protected every little animal we gave her, from little chickens to tiny kittens. She lived to over 15 years and brought us so much joy.

  2. Just got a Golden Aussie mix. He’s a great dog! Very very energetic and loves to play and run. He can be destructive if left unattended and can be overly energetic as he’s still young. He is great with our two year old son , but does have a tendency to knock him over and he takes food from our son if he’s in the same room while my son is eating. But we are starting him on obedience training and hoping he will be even better very soon! He did have a tendency to pull on the leash during walks/runs but it was super easy to train that out of him. Great dog but I’d steer clear if you don’t have an active lifestyle and a big back yard!

  3. This mix of a dog is second to none – they are extraordinary in every capacity. We tragically lost our Izzy who was 6 years old and are desperately looking to find another like her (although she will never be replaced). If you can help please feel free to call me at 408.242.1220

  4. Just got a golden aussie female pup now 4months. She is vocal smart friendly. Should weigh about 55 lbs. All black with a touch of white. Loves my other dogs that are 13. Prefers to be outside day or night.

  5. I have a 2 & 1/2 year old female and she is the best dog I’ve ever had. She is smart, loving, and very happy all of the time. She helps put our chickens back in their coops and is so gentle with every type of animal. She doesn’t even need a leash when walking in public. 10/10

  6. My Australian shepherd is in heat. We just got home from vacation and my daughter let her out without knowing she was in heat. I am pretty sure our golden retriever bread her. So if that is the case we will have puppies in a few months. My email is if interested email me with subject golden aussie.

  7. I have 4 available. I have 2 black/white 1male, 1female. 2 Merle 1male, 1female. They are available now. I am in Southwestern Michigan. 269-924-8753

  8. I just lost my best friend of over 12 years. He was a beautiful Australian Retreiver with very blue eyes. I’ll be looking for another one in January or February. Is there a website or list of breeders out there? Thank you.

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