Australian Shepherd Lab Mix: 5 Must Know Facts Before Buying

The Australian Shepherd Lab mix is an exuberant and friendly pup that is easy to handle.

They are suitable for almost any family, whether that family consists of novice dog owners, competitive handlers, or even have young children.

The only real issue with this dog is the extreme shedding and high activity levels.

If you have the time to keep your Australian Shepherd Lab mix well-exercised (and you do not mind hair everywhere) then this friendly dog might be the one for you.

Australian Shepherd Lab Mix

What is a Australian Shepherd Lab Mix?

The Australian Shepherd Lab mix, also known as the Aussiedor, is a hybrid between two very popular breeds of dog (The Australian Shepherd and Labrador).

Crossing these two breeds creates an excitable family dog that desperately needs a job to do.

In fact these dogs are so energetic that they are generally only recommended for life on farms or other properties with plenty of room to roam.

The Aussiedor makes an excellent companion either on a farm or with an active family that has access to a fenced-in yard. If you have the time to devote to exercising this dog then they can make amazing companions.

  • Overview: Hybrid (Australian Shepherd/Labrador).
  • Purpose: Companion.
  • Weight: 40-70 pounds.
  • Size: 18-25 inches.
  • Temperament: Exuberant, outgoing and friendly.

Australian Shepherd Lab Mix Appearance

Aussiedor Playing

As a cross their appearance can vary greatly between a nice mix of the two, or can lean more towards one parent or the other.

The same thing can be said about their size with some being a heavier set like the Labrador or others being leaner like Aussies.

Aussiedors are generally broad-shouldered and solid in structure with the broad face and large head of a Labrador. Their ears hang low and their tail is relatively long compared to the body.


Once fully grown you can expect them to stand 25 inches tall, although they can be as short as 18 inches.
As for weight it should range between 40-70 pounds.


Despite the fairly basic colors of its parents, the Aussiedor is quite the rainbow dog.

They come in nearly every color imaginable!

The most common colors for this mix include bicolor (black and white), tricolor (black, tan and white), blue or red merle, tan, black and tan, spotted, speckled or brindle.


Their coat can be a mixture of types thanks to the difference of coat between Australian Shepherds and Labradors.

It can either be straight or somewhat wavy and length can vary too.

No matter how it may look all coats are typically dense and repel water like Labradors.

Both the Labrador and the Australian Shepherd are heavy shedders, and the Aussiedor is no different – in fact, they usually shed even more than their parents. If you do not like finding fur everywhere, the Aussiedor may not be the dog for you.

6 Fun Facts About Aussiedors

  1. One of the biggest shedders around.
  2. Their devotion to their family means they are also prone to separation anxiety.
  3. It is likely they will have the herding instincts of their Australian Shepherd parent.
  4. The wide range of colors means they can have numerous different markings.
  5. Aussiedors make excellent family dogs and adore children.
  6. Due to their easy going nature, they do not make the best guard dog.

Australian Shepherd Lab Mix Personality and Temperament

Mixed Dog

This is a dog that adores its family.

They are loyal to their people, kind and gentle with children and friendly to people that it knows.

Some Australian Shepherd Lab mixes might lean more towards their Aussie side and be cautious around strangers, whereas others will lean more towards their Lab side.

As a general rule though they tend to lean towards the easy-going attitude of the Labrador Retriever.

Both Australian Shepherds and Labradors are high energy breeds, meaning that this cross is no different. They need lots of physical stimulation every day to keep them occupied and plenty of toys to play with.

These dogs can easily play and run around for hours on end without breaking a sweat so make sure you have plenty of room and time to exercise them. They also excel at dog sports, including flyball, agility, and other active sports.

They are not big barkers although they will bark to alert the family to anyone coming up to the house, or sometimes when they play.

One important thing to know is they can sometimes have the herding instincts of the Australian Shepherd and attempt to herd small children or small animals. Fortunately, they are incredibly smart and are easily trained out of these undesirable behaviors.

Is an Australian Shepherd Lab Mix a Good Family Dog?

These dogs make excellent companions for families.

Labradors are generally amazing with kids and also great with strangers and Australian Shepherds are similar although they can be more aloof. This creates a nice mix that adores children and playing, but can also be a bit protective of their family.

Caring for an Australian Shepherd Lab Mix

A Australian Shepherd Lab Mix Dog

The Aussiedor is an amazing companion but their exercise and grooming requirements are not for busy adults.

These dogs need a lot of time to be able to run around and be brushed.

Even more, brushing will be needed if they have a coat that is similar to the Australian Shepherd.

However, their easy-going nature makes them a perfect companion for novice dog owners or someone looking for their next competition dog. They are also amazing dogs with children which means there is almost no family that this dog does not fit with.

Remember these dogs do not do well living in an apartment and some even have issues living in suburbs.

Exercise Requirements

As both their parent breeds are high energy your Australian Shepherd Lab mix will also be high energy.

They can handle living in the suburbs with a fenced-in yard to play in along with daily walks, although they thrive on farms or larger properties with a job.

At least two walks a day are needed for the Aussiedor. Just a walk around the block will not be enough for this dog, they need to be off-leash with space to run around.

They will also need time to play when you get back home.

Agility is a great game to teach and a great way to burn their energy out.

  • Number of Walks Per Day: 2-3.
  • Total Exercise Needed Per Day: 120 Minutes.

Australian Shepherd Lab Mixes

Grooming and Shedding

The biggest downfall to this incredible breed is the grooming and shedding responsibilities. Both Australian Shepherds and Labradors shed a lot, so the Aussiedor is no exception.

Although their coat will blow out in the spring and fall, you should still be prepared for a lot of shedding throughout the rest of the year.

At the very least the Shepherd Lab mix needs to be brushed weekly, although this should increase to every couple days during shedding season.

Brushing your dog regularly and blowing out their coat if they have the longer fur of an Aussie can help control the extreme shedding. Shorter coat variations also do well with a damp washcloth being run over their coat to remove any excess fur.

Feeding and Diet

Just like their Labrador parent, the Aussiedor is prone to eating everything in sight and putting on weight.

So with this pooch, you need to keep a close eye on their weight.

A high-quality, calorie-rich, dry dog food is best for this breed. You might also need to use a slow eater bowl since they are prone to bloat.

Calories Per Day:Cups of Kibble Per Day:

How Long Does A Australian Shepherd Lab Mix Live?

Australian Shepherds tend to live for about nine years, while Labradors typically live for closer to twelve.

Thanks to the hybrid vigor, you can expect Aussiedors to live closer to about twelve years.

How Much Does A Australian Shepherd Lab Mix Cost?

This mix costs around $1000 when purchased from a breeder.

How To Train Australian Shepherd Lab Mixes


The Australian Shepherd is an incredibly sensitive breed, while the Labrador can be a bit more hard-headed. Regardless both breeds are very smart and pick up on things quickly.

They respond best to positive reinforcement (especially if they lean more towards the Aussie).
Aggressive methods such as pinch collars should be avoided as it will cause your Aussiedor to shut down and become disinterested in learning.

Make sure to stick with only light corrections.

As with any dog, socialization is an important part of doggy training when the Australian Shepherd Lab is young, but not as important as some other breeds. By nature, this is an easy-going dog that gets along well with everyone including kids, cats, and sometimes even strangers.

They need their fair share of mental stimulation so you can set up a few jumps – training their agility is a great way to meet both their physical and mental stimulation needs.

These dogs are physical athletes and they love being able to perform.

Buyer’s Guide

Amazing family dogs.
Huge size variation (40-70lbs).
Friendly with everyone.
Very heavy shedders.
Low maintenance and upkeep.
Have a lot of energy.
Great working dogs.
Hard to find reputable breeders in US.

Quick Breed Summary Table

Breed Characteristics
Size:18-25 inches
Lifespan:12 years
Coat:Short or wavy and always water resistant
Color:Rainbow colored!
Do They Shed:Yes (heavy)
Temperament:Exuberant, friendly and loyal to their family
Intelligence:Extremely intelligent
Socialization:Needs moderate socialization
Destructive Behavior:Very mouthy dogs and need something to chew on
People Skills:Yes with proper socialization
Good with Children:They love children
Activity Levels:High


The Australian Shepherd Lab mix is best suited for an active family that lives either in the suburbs with a large yard, or out on a farm with plenty of room for this dog to roam.

They are an easy going and easy to care for breed. 

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Whether you are a novice or experienced dog owner the Aussiedor is sure to be the perfect companion for you.

Exuberant, friendly and goofy, it is no surprise that this hybrid has caught on in popularity in recent years. They require a lot of both physical and mental stimulation, but their outgoing and intelligent nature will make all of it fun.

If you can put in the time and effort to make sure that this dog is reaching its exercise requirements, then this is probably the perfect companion for you.

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