How long do pocket beagles live?

Pocket beagles typically live 10–13 years. If their lifestyle is healthy, enriched, and active, you can help extend your pocket beagle’s lifespan.

To help your pocket beagle enjoy a longer life, you must focus on improving these aspects of its lifestyle:

  • Health – Make sure your pocket beagle gets an hour of light exercise a day, and don’t let it overeat. Take it to the vet regularly for checkups to catch health issues early.
  • Enrichment – Play with your pocket beagle in 15-minute sessions at least twice a day. Go on walks together, and allow your pet to sniff and investigate the environment.
  • Activity – Give your pocket beagle something to do or something to think about. Obedience training is a great way to engage a pocket beagle. A walk in nature, a visit to the dog park, or even an exploration of the house is an easy way to keep your pocket beagle’s mind occupied.