What is the difference between a beagle and a pocket beagle?

The difference between a beagle and a pocket beagle is their size. Both dogs are technically the same breed, but their size differences make them separate varieties. However, there are some other important differences in terms of build, health, and exercise needs.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) separates pocket beagles from beagles according to size. A pocket beagle gets as tall as 12 inches at the shoulder, and weighs 10–18 pounds. A beagle gets as tall as 15 inches at the shoulder, and weighs 20–30 pounds.

Some other important differences between beagles and pocket beagles include:

  • Body shape and build – While beagles’ bodies are well-balanced, pocket beagles typically have shorter legs and narrower bodies. Beagles can roughhouse and run freely, but you need to be more gentle when playing with a pocket beagle.
  • Health – Because pocket beagles are a miniature breed, they tend to have more health issues than beagles. Pocket beagles are especially at risk for injury, hip dysplasia, eye disorders, and knee dislocation compared to beagles.
  • Exercise needs – Pocket beagles need an hour of exercise a day, but the exercise shouldn’t be strenuous until they’re older than 18 months because they can develop joint issues. Let the pocket beagle wander on a leash, walk around, and play. On the other hand, beagles need an hour and a half of exercise a day. Their exercise should include both walking and jogging, along with more focused games.