Hunting Dog Names: 200+ Powerful Names For Your Hunting Hound

We all know dogs make faithful furry friends, so it’s not surprising that they make great hunting companions too.

Some dog breeds were specifically bred to lend a helping paw in hunts – however, you don’t have to hunt to own one of these hounds!

Maybe you are looking for a name that sounds powerful when called during a hunt.

Or, maybe you are looking for a name to connect your dog to their breed’s hunting heritage. Whether you are choosing a name for your loyal Labrador or your badass Bloodhound, we have got the paw-fect name in our lists below…

Hunting Dog Names

Cane Corso At Park

Did you know that hounds have been used to hunt for generations?

They come in all different shapes and sizes, some being strong and sleek like English Setters whilst others are small and agile like Terriers.

One of these names below is bound to be a great fit for your furry-friend.

Our favorite name is Scout, what is yours?

Hunting Dog Names
Scout Rogue
Gunner Walker
Huntress Boots
Arrow Copper
Tracker Dash
Feather Bullet
Duke Wolfie
Ace Chief
Maverick Dakota
Target Halo
Camo Fox
Shadow Brook
Hawk General
Tiger Violet
Moss Silver
Rebel Cub
Bulls-eye Wicket
Buddy Stella
River Beauty
Musket Huckleberry
Forrest Trapper
Sage Hammer
Moose Aztec
Rabbit Storm
Bracken Beau
Trigger Sable
Raven Sniffer
Eclipse Max
Sadie Fly
Ivy Bear
Vixen Willow
Ammo Zelda
Nero Boone
Scamper Chevy
Skye Tank
Lion Texas
Bandit Fern
Woody Apache
Bess Achilles
Brutus Cedar
Magnum Chase
Powder Scooter
Blitzen Skipper
Dixie Xena
Dakota Quiver
Birdy Brigade
Jasper Falcon
Tanner Chance
Echo Faith

Female Hunting Dog Names

Beagle Hunting

So, you are looking for a furr-ocious name for your female hunting dog? Then look no further, we have a list that is sure to get your tail-wagging!

A great way to help pick a name for your furry-friend is to look at your favorite female characters. We know that the bond between an owner and their dog is like no other, so your female friend deserves the very best name.

Howl about these great names below?

  1. Nala
  2. Shilou
  3. Olympia
  4. Savannah
  5. Sansa
  6. Arya – Another Game of Thrones character, perfect for a feisty female Pointer!
  7. Kit
  8. Lady
  9. Thorn
  10. Alicia
  11. Justice
  12. Lara
  13. Mulan
  14. Katniss
  15. Luna
  16. Dusk
  17. Fawn
  18. Athena
  19. Aspen
  20. Sheba
  21. Bonnie – From the infamous criminal duo ‘Bonnie and Clyde’
  22. Cam
  23. Annie
  24. Breeze
  25. Dawn

Male Hunting Dog Names

Hunting Dog

Choosing a name for your male hunting dog can be hard.

It can be tricky to find a name that suits your dog’s character. We know that hunting dogs are specifically bred to be fast, strong and amazing at tracking.

So a name that captures this would be a great choice.

Take a look at the names below to find one as charming as your new companion. We think that Dart would be a brilliant choice for a boisterous Beagle!

  1. Dart
  2. Bolt
  3. Blitz
  4. Hercules
  5. Loki
  6. Buster
  7. Ruben
  8. Captain
  9. Brandy
  10. Apollo
  11. Odin
  12. Clint – Like the infamous Clint Eastwood, a fantastic name for a dog as wild as he was!
  13. Goliath
  14. Wilder
  15. Rex
  16. Sheriff
  17. Beast
  18. Otis
  19. Jekyll
  20. Jet
  21. Draco
  22. Bran
  23. Riley
  24. Jax

Best Hunting Dog Names


Still not sure what to call your hunting dog?

Well, here are some of the best hunting dog names you can find. These names suit dogs who are natural born hunters. Because of their unmatched skill, each hunting dog deserves their own paw-fect name!

Best Hunting Dog Names
Conan – An infamous warrior, this also means ‘wolf’ in Irish.
Artemis – The Greek God of hunting! Perfect for a talented pup.
Diana – Roman Goddess of hunting, another mythological name for your very own Doggess.
Troy – A great name for a bold and brave dog. This references the famous Battle of Troy.
Holter – French for ‘hunter.’
Ajax – Meaning valor and pride.
Nikita – Russian for ‘proud.’
Boris – Russian for ‘fighter.’
Spartan – A race of Romans, known famously for their strong military might.
Isis – Ancient Egyptian Goddess.
Ballistic – Like the type of missile, naming your dog this will imply they have unchallenged strength.
Buffy – like the Vampire Slayer! This would be an awesome name for your female friend.
Sari – Meaning ‘noble.’
Orion – From Greek mythology, Orion was a famous mythological hunter.

Unique Hunting Dog Names

If you are looking for something a bit more unique, then look no further. This list of names is bound to have both dogs and humans turning their heads when you call your hunting hound’s name.

We know that all dogs are special, so what not give them a quirky name to suit their different personality or physical traits? Or, perhaps you are looking for something funny for your furry-friend.

Take a look at these fabu-woof-ly unique hunting dog names!

  • Roosevelt – Like the president.
  • Robin – Like the Nottinghamshire outlaw, this could be a great name if your pup is a loveable rogue.
  • Clifford – Brilliant for a big dog, and even better if he’s red.
  • Caesar – After the Roman emperor Julius Caesar.
  • Nikita – Russian for ‘proud.’
  • Ranger – The name of an individual who watches and patrols the land – perfectly fitting for a hunting dog.
  • Scarlett – This means red, a brilliant name for a female Red Setter.
  • Cleopatra – Ancient Egyptian female pharaoh.
  • Medusa – Mythological connotations, however ‘Medusa’ means to rule.
  • Stark – After the Game of Thrones house.
  • Thaddeus – Greek for ‘courageous one’.
  • Kimber – An arms manufacturer in America.
  • Axel – Scandinavian, often associated with ‘peace.’
  • Liberty – A brilliant name for any American dog!
  • Lupus – Meaning ‘wolf’ in Latin – great for a ferocious and wolf-like hunting dog.

Hunting Dog Names For Labs

White Labrador

Did you know that Labrador Retrievers were bred to retrieve without disturbing any other game surrounding the area? Their gentle nature combined with their strong build makes them a great hunting dog.

If you are struggling to find a name for your loyal Lab, take a look at our names below for some inspiration.

Hunting Dog Names For Labs


There are so many names to choose from when deciding what to name your hunting dog.

Hunting dogs really are some of the most loyal and strong dogs out there – whether they are small Dachshunds or large Great Danes.

If your hunting dog joins you in the field, helps control livestock or is a stay at home pet, they all deserve the very best name.

Choosing a name for your canine companion can be difficult however, we hope our lists have thrown you a bone of inspiration!

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