Fox Red Lab: What To Know About This Stunning Retriever

A Fox Red Lab, sometimes miscalled Red Fox Lab, is not just a beautiful dog.

They are one of the most loyal companions that you will ever know.

These dogs are bred specifically for their cinnamon-colored fur and are very rare.

They are otherwise no different than other Labs and are known for being one of the friendliest dogs around.

This precious pooch is just brimming with playful energy.

Fox Red Lab In Field

What is a Fox Red Lab?

A Fox Red Lab is a color variant of the popular Labrador Retriever.

Despite their unique color, they are still considered yellow Labs by the AKC standards.

This red or darker yellow shade occurs at random and is the result of a certain gene expression.

Since this coat color is so rare it is highly prized and you will have to pay more for one.

As they come from Retriever heritage they were originally bred to help hunters fetch their game. These days they are the most popular household companion in the United States.

Red labradors’ beautiful ginger coat is the only thing that distinguishes it from any other Labrador Retriever. They have the same friendly and affectionate personality that makes them such a perfect family pet.

You will never find a more loyal friend than a Fox Red Lab. These fun pups are so easy to manage that just about anyone can find room for one.

  • Overview: Purebred.
  • Purpose: Retriever.
  • Weight: 55-80 pounds.
  • Size: 21-24 inches.
  • Temperament: Affectionate, friendly and happy.

Fox Red Lab Appearance

Red Labrador

The official breed standard states that this dog should be built for all kinds of work.

You can expect their chest and shoulders to be narrow but very strong.

A Fox Red Lab must have a strong lean body with neat and well-angled proportions.

Expect them to have big floppy ears and a light brown nose. Their friendly face is almost always smiling and their otter-like tail is short and straight.

Height and Weight

  • Male dogs will stand between 22-24 inches and weigh between 65-80 pounds.
  • Females stand at 21-23 inches and weigh between 55-70 pounds.

Breed Colors and Coat

Foxy red is the defining color for this particular dog.

Lighter shades may appear more golden, while darker shades will look like cinnamon.

As the red comes from darker shades of yellow, it is possible to find a pup with auburn or red-gold fur.

Fox Red Lab’s double coat is short and thick with a dense under layer (this keeps them warm in all kinds of climates).

As a double coated dog your pooch will drop plenty of hair.

5 Fun Facts About Red Labradors

  1. The only way to guarantee a litter of Red Fox puppies is to breed two Red Fox parents. If one parent is red and one is yellow, the puppies are more likely to be yellow than red.
  2. As game dogs Labradors would jump into lakes and ponds to pick up hunted waterfowl. These days swimming is one of their favorite way to have fun.
  3. The breed began in Newfoundland (Canada) and their name is believed to be a reference to the nearby province of Labrador.
  4. Yellow, chocolate and black are the three primary colors for this breed. White and red both com from shades of yellow.
  5. Red Labs color appeared by accident, and up until very recently it was considered a flaw. A thriving market for this color did not emerge until after the 1980s.

Fox Red Lab Personality and Temperament

Fox Red labrador

There is no difference in personality between a Red Fox and a regular Lab.

A Fox Red Lab has the same lovable and loyal nature that makes them such a wonderful family pet. They really are the perfect example of man’s best friend.

It will not take long for them to become part of the family.

They are human-like in the way they behave and express emotion.

Expect your pooch to memorize your daily schedule and patterns in no time. They will quickly adapt to your behavior and will show a surprising amount of empathy. Unfortunately this means they may also be a little on the needy side.

These high-energy dogs absolutely live for fun and games.

An excited happy dog is very chatty. You can expect to hear their voice while you are playing together or when you come home for the day.

However, if their barking starts to become obnoxious this should be corrected.

These social butterflies show very little fear or anxiety around other people and will want everyone to be their friend.

A well-socialized pup will be handled as soon as they are weaned and will get used to being around people from a very early age.

While your puppy is still young make sure you keep plenty of chew toys to help socialize them.

Is The Fox Red Lab A Good Family Dog?

No matter the color this breed is the iconic example of a family dog.

Once you bring them home they will fit right into your family as if they have been there for their whole life. Everybody in the family will be seen as a fond friend.

Caring for a Fox Red Lab

A Red Lab

Caring for a Fox Red Lab is no different than caring for any other color Lab.

They are among the easiest and most manageable dogs (even a child can learn to care for one).

This pup is ideal for any age and any lifestyle but they need someone to keep up with their high energy. Elderly or handicapped owners should have a friend or relative on hand to help.

The level of care is very basic and does not go beyond what you would expect for any other dog. It is no wonder why the breed is considered the all-purpose family dog.

Exercise Requirements

These dogs need lots of exercise and make great furry fitness partners.

You should expect your furry friend to keep you off the couch for most of the day.

They love all forms of exercise so long as their best friends are by their side. You can take them to the dog park, off to the nature trail or simply walk them around your neighborhood and let them greet their friends.

These guys are ready to play absolutely anything at all. Fetch is their favorite but they love games of tag, catch, and hide and seek just as much.

  • Number of Walks Per Day: 2+.
  • Total Exercise Needed Per Day: 60+ minutes.

Grooming and Shedding

Fox Red Lab

Although they have short coats they are known for frequent shedding.

Yellow and red fur tends to get everywhere because it is so visible!

To keep their shedding under control, you should brush that lovely red fur at least once a week. You will need to brush twice or even three times a week during spring and autumn booms.

Your pooch should have a bath every month or two. Thankfully their love of the water means that bathing will be easy.

Give those floppy ears special attention during a bath.

Many owners forget that dogs need dental care just like we do. Getting your pup used to a weekly brushing will save money on expensive dental procedures down the line.

Feeding and Diet

A Fox Red Lab’s diet will change throughout their life. A young active puppy that is still growing will need more food than an adult dog.

After 6 months old they can graduate to their adult dog food.

Kibble for adult dogs should be full of proteins and fats from natural sources.

Labs enjoy people food such as peanut butter and yogurt. However most human foods are very calorie dense so you should only give them as an occasional treat.

Remember with this breed never allow free feeding or access to food outside of mealtimes. These dogs are known for their big appetites and excess weight can be a disaster.

Calories Per Day:Cups of Kibble Per Day:

Known Health Problems

Ear infections are very common for dogs with big, floppy ears. When water and dirt gets trapped in a dog’s ear, it collects bacteria and can cause a painful infection. The signs of an ear infection include redness, odor, and discharge from the ear.

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Comprehensive Dental

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Breed Specific Conditions

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Labs are very motivated by food and they are so cute that it is hard to resist spoiling them when they beg. Unfortunately, this means that they are more likely than other dogs to become obese.

Extra weight affects a dog’s ability to run and play and may even shorten their life.

No matter how much your pup begs for food you should limit access outside of their morning and evening meals.

How Long Does A Fox Red Lab Live?

Your loyal friend will be in your life for 10-14 years.

How Much Does A Fox Red Lab Cost?

As this color is rare they will be more expensive than typical Labs.

You are likely to pay at least $1200 for this color, compared to $900 for the breed in general.

How to Train a Red Labrador

Red Labs

A Fox Red Lab is known for being one of the most trainable dogs around.

They are eager to learn and love to see their owners happy. A mix of positive reinforcement and patience is the key to a well behaved pup.

For these playful pups, dog training should be one big game. Your puppy will be more motivated to train if they are having fun.

Always reward your dog when they get it right.

Rewards should be based around cuddles and praise rather than food. Treats should only ever be used in moderation.

Never punish or isolate your dog for being bad. The most effective punishment for bad behavior is to simply ignore it.

While this dog may seem like a big goofball you should never ignore their great intelligence. They can cause quite a bit of damage if left to their own devices.

This kind of dog wants to be involved in your day.

Fill your dog’s day with all sorts of fun activities. The classic fetch is the ideal training game for any breed of Retriever. Not only is it great fun, but it is a great opportunity to practice basic commands like sit and stay.

Buyer’s Guide

One of the most beloved family pets.
Gets loud when overexcited.
Beautiful red-colored coat.
Hard to find in this specific color.
Incredibly loyal and devoted.
Mouthy as a puppy.
Adapts very easily to new homes.
Not good for sedentary owners.
Gets along with everyone and loves to make friends.

Quick Breed Summary Table

Breed Characteristics
Size:21-24 inches
Lifespan:10-14 years
Coat:Short double coat
Do They Shed:Yes (heavily)
Temperament:Loving, playful, cheery, loyal and eager
Socialization:Extremely friendly and loves to meet others
Destructive Behavior:Chewing and barking is possible when bored or teething
People Skills:Very family oriented
Good with Children:Yes
Activity Levels:High


A Fox Red Lab is a beautiful ginger colored Labrador Retriever.

Just about anyone can find room for one, but they are best for those who can run and play right along with them.

Their lovely red fur attracts attention and your pooch will soak it all up!

This dog will catch your family’s heart in no time.

A Lab has something for everybody but the beauty of a Red Fox is an added bonus.

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