Beagle Lab Mix: Breed Facts

The beagle and the Labrador retriever are two very popular breeds, so it makes sense that their mix will create a very popular and unique dog.

Sometimes called the beagador, this crossbreed dog is definitely one for an active family.

Being very energetic and playful, this is a dog that needs a family that can match their energy.

Whilst their appearance is difficult to predict, what is for certain is their loyal and sweet nature.

Photos of Beagle Lab Mix

What is a Beagle Lab Mix?

As the name suggests the Beagle Lab Mix is a crossbreed of a Labrador and a Beagle.

The beagle is part of the hound group, they have a long history and were used by Romans in 55 BC to hunt rabbit and hare. By the 1500s most gentlemen had packs of them to track game. During the Civil War they started to gain popularity in the US, and quickly became a popular hound dog.

The Labrador, originating in Newfoundland, became a favorite with English earls and lords to retrieve waterfowl. In the latter half of the 19th century the breed was refined, and it is now recognized in the sporting group.

Your Beagle Lab Mix will be a friendly and sweet-natured family dog that craves companionship!

They do not like to be in small spaces as they like to run around. If they are kept inside for too long, they will start to bounce off the walls.

Having said that their excitement can sometimes get the best of them.

This cross breed could not be more perfect for a big family.

Be ready to spend anywhere from $600 to $1000, depending on the breeders reputation.

A healthy Beagle Lab Mix can live for 10-15 years.

Beagle Lab Mix Appearance

Beagle Lab Mix

The Beagle Lab Mix is cross bred which means that their genes are more diverse and complicated.

So predicting their appearance can be difficult.

They can either favor the Beagles or the Labradors look, or they could even have the appearance of both breeds.

It’s likely they will have floppy ears, a long and narrow muzzle, with the face resembling a Beagle and the body of a Labrador. Their body will be square with a fairly long and slightly domed skull.

The Beagle Lab Mix can inherit the Labradors famous otter tail or the Beagles high set tail. Either way, the tail will not curl over.

Height and Weight

The size of a Beagle Lab Mix is also difficult to predict, this is because the Labrador and the Beagle are both very different sizes.

Labs generally weigh anywhere from 55-80lb and stand at 21-24 inches tall, whereas the Beagle is smaller at 30lb and grows up to 15 inches.

With this in mind, the Beagle Lab Mix can be weigh anywhere between 30-80lb.

You can expect them to stand around 18 inches tall, with males generally being bigger than females.

Colors and Coat

Having two unique parents results in a unique appearance for this hybrid.

The Beagle Lab Mix can take after their Lab parent and be either: Yellow, Chocolate or Black.

But they can inherit a wider range of colors from the Beagle. The Beagle Lab Mix has a total of 25 different combinations including: white, tan, brown, red, blue, black, fawn, lemon, blue tick and white tick.

Both the Beagle and the Labrador have water resistant coats that shed seasonally.

Its coat will be short/medium length, dense and have a fairly hard feeling to the hand.

Beagle Lab Mix Temperament

A Lab Mix

This pooch will inherit different personalities from both of their parent breeds, creating a unique temperament.

It is easier to predict the mixes personality if we look at their parent breed temperaments.

The Beagle is loyal and incredibly friendly.

They are full of energy, have strong inquisitive minds and can be a handful when feeling particularly mischievous.

Initially they were bred to be a hound dog, meaning they have a strong prey drive. They have a nose that will always be on the hunt for a target, catching every scent they pass. Beagles are happy-go-lucky companions that enjoy company but can also be fairly independent.

Meanwhile Labradors are high-spirited and love to give out as much affection as possible. Sweet-natured and playful, they have lots of energy to burn.

Labs are very excitable, to the point where their friendliness can come across a bit too much for some people, but the Beagle Lab Mix is a lot smaller and easier to handle!

So what does this mean for your mix?

It’s likely your hybrid will be very friendly and easy-going.

Both Labs and Beagles are very sporty and active, this means their mix will likely be very energetic.

They will love to chew, dig and make a mess of things, so give them plenty of toys.

It also does not just come down to genes, no matter what breed of dog you have, if brought up in the wrong environment they will have a bad temperament and will have unwanted behaviors.

Due to their energetic nature, we recommend you don’t lock them up for too long.

Is A Beagle Lab Mix A Good Family Dog?

Beagle Labs mixes are great with children, they are gentle and patient. They can be laid back and get along with almost anyone.

They will inherit the Labradors love of play, meaning they will enjoy hours of playtime with the kids!

How To Train A Beagle Lab Mix


This cross breed is very intelligent, thanks to their ancestors being working dogs. They have all the genes that make dog training easy for them.

They are smart and eager to please, but they can be stubborn at times (just like their Beagle parent).

To keep the Beagle Lab Mix interested in what you are teaching them, change up their treats and always give them a reward when they follow your command.

Use a mixture of hand signals and vocal commands, as your body language plays a crucial role in communication. Positive reinforcement has been proven to be the most effective way to train a dog, it leads to the least number of unwanted behaviors.

Patience and consistency are crucial, so you should begin training as soon as possible.

Socialization is equally as important as training. Even though Beagle Labs are sweet-natured and get along with other dogs, you should socialize them correctly to increase their confidence in new situations and experiences.

An intelligent dog like this needs mental stimulation. Beagles are hound dogs, using scent in everyday games will help enrich their day hugely.

You can also play hide and seek with their treats and make them sniff them out.

Caring for a Beagle Lab Mix

Beagle Puppy

Exercise Requirements

This cross breed will be getting into trouble if they are inside for too long, so it is best to give them lots of exercise.

At least 60 minutes of activity each day will do them nicely.

Take your Beagle Lab Mix out for a walk, take them to interesting places and change up the route you take. They will love the new smells.

Make sure to use a leash while walking them – they will run and chase anything that takes their fancy, thanks to the Beagle’s hound instinct.

They will be happy to play a game of fetch, retrieving is in their genes after all.

Grooming and Shedding

This cross breed has a pretty low maintenance grooming routine.

In non-shedding seasons its best to brush them at least once a week. This helps to sort out tangles, loose hair and promotes natural oil to give them a healthy shine.

Only give them a bath when they have a particular doggy odor or when very muddy.

Feeding and Diet


Both the Labrador and the Beagle are prone to overeating and obesity, so it’s best to monitor their diet.

The first decision you will have to make is what kind of dog food to feed your pooch.

Your priority is to give them a balanced and nutritional diet. The two food groups that your dog should be fed are protein and dietary fats.

Just like people, they need minerals and vitamins as well.

Dry kibble is a popular food given by dog owners, if this is what you will feed your Beagle Lab make sure you buy them high quality and natural kibbles. Kibble that has high amounts of filler ingredients and carbohydrates can be harmful, so always check the ingredient lists.

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Quick Breed Summary Table

Breed Characteristics
Size:18 inches
Lifespan:10-15 years
Coat:A dense, double coat
Color:A combination of black, brown, red, fawn, white, or the classic Lab colors
Do They Shed:Sheds heavily, requires regular brushing during shedding season
Temperament:Playful, curious, friendly and vocal
Intelligence:Very intelligent – great for service jobs
Socialization:Normal socialization is needed, generally very good with other dogs and pets
Destructive Behavior:Will chew and dig anything they set their sights on if bored
People Skills:Very friendly with people
Good with Children:Great with kids, will need supervision but mostly gentle
Activity Levels:Very energetic and excitable


These little pooches will run circles around you. They are energetic and will want it to be playtime 24/7. If you are looking for a laid back dog, this cross breed is not for you.

The Beagle Lab Mix is a unique dog looking for a unique family to play with and to love.

They won’t need lots of grooming, unless it’s shedding season.

All they need is love, attention and lots of toys!

This dog will definitely get your family off the sofa and to the park.

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